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A next-generation video sharing deal. Check it out here.


A blockchain-based financial ecosystem. MoneyToken provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin MTC and a decentralized exchange service. Click HERE  for more details!


The MoneyToken token sale has successfully come to an end!

MoneyToken ICO has Ended
MoneyToken ICO has Ended

When will I receive my IMTs?

To ensure we get everything right for all our contributors, the first step we will take is to audit and calculate all contributions, bonuses and token balances.

Today, June 7th, will be the start date of the audit process and a full review of the results of the private sale, the pre-sale, the main round, the bounty program, the airdrop program and all the bonuses accrued by every contributor.

The Audit process is expected to finish 10–15 days after the token sale; as soon as the audit is completed and confirmed we will notify everyone via all our channels.

Token distribution

Token distribution will take place as soon as the audit is completed
After the audit process the Token distribution event will start, with detailed information published online on all our channels.

How do I make sure that I will receive my tokens?
To receive your tokens you should ensure that you have provided your Ethereum address to MoneyToken via the

This must be an address for which you have your own private key.

This means that you must not use any address that is associated with an exchange!


In progress now and ICO ends Feb/Mar. See  for more details



– SuccessLife and their SuccessCoin. They already have 10million customers and big dogs backing them. A Customized Payment Solution for the Educational, Personal and Professional Development Industries

Click HERE!


The Public Token Sale is Complete as of 04June2018. They met their target of $8Million USD. June 2018, they will audit, reconcile and distribute the Success Tokens (SLT) within 2 weeks.


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