LibraReserve Scam?

librareserve scam

LibraReserve Scam Alert —

Yes, Scam is getting hot and heavy.

librareserve scam
librareserve scam

A fake website, is online now and claiming to give users access to Libra coins, the stablecoin cryptocurrency currently being developed by Facebook.

The website although it looks almost exactly like the page that Facebook is using for both the Libra currency and its wallet, Calibra, is a fake website. LibraReserve is a scam so don’t get REKT! The scam is in full effect.

If you are thinking about throwing away your money at, I repeat, Librareserve is a scam! Facebook will not unveil the Libra cryptocurrency until sometime in 2020. In addition to that, the USA government intervened. See 2-page letter below.

facebook asked by usa government to cease development of libra coin
facebook asked by usa government to cease development of libra coin
facebook asked by usa government to cease development of libra coin
facebook asked by usa government to cease development of libra coin

Do not give the your Bitcoins or Ethereum!

How Do You Know that LibraReserve is a Scam?

There are red flags everywhere, people! This scam is oh so obvious. Always do your research.

As mentioned earlier Facebook is not going to launch Libra for public use until 2020, and at least until it satisfies the scrutiny from the USA government.

However, the fake Librareserve website is promising users early access and is using the same format used to launch a typical ICO. As shown in the image below, the website claims that the public sale ends on July 14, a common tactic used to lure unwary investors to act quickly. Also notice the fake numbers claiming $20million raised. That is to FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) you into buying air at

libracoinreserve scam
librareserve scam

LibraReserve Scam wants Your Crypto – Libra is a Stablecoin

Facebook’s cryptocurrency would be a stablecoin, meaning that its price value would not increase or decrease over time.  That should be the next red flag that LibraReserve is a scam. It is similar to Tether (USDT). So, why pay for early access when you’re not going to make any money on the investment? It will likely fluctuate between $0.97 and $1.00 forever. Libra is NOT an investment instrument!

Be very careful, my friends. LibraReserve at is a scam!


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