Cloud Token Transparency Is Real. Screw The Naysayers

Crowd Token Transparency

Cloud Token Transparency Is Real. Screw The Naysayers

CloudToken Wallet is the latest trend in Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets that pays you for HODLING your cryptocurrencies. Cloud Token has an integrated Arbitrage Trading Bot that delivers up to 12% with the average being 10% monthly profit. If you listen to some bloggers, you will read about CloudToken Wallet  being a Scam. Folks Cloud Token Transparency is Real!

Cloud Token has no ‘verifiable’ Evidence of AI  Bot Trading

When I first looked at CloudToken, I was inclined to agree with this. I went to etherscan and saw 1 billion tokens but no other real transactions conducted. I expected to see the evidence on the blockchain.

First I logged into the wallet and went to “Order History”. There were a lot of Arbitrage Trading transactions being displayed in real time, but I still needed my questions answered about what I found using etherscan.

So I sought out Ronald Aai, Chief Technical Architect.

I’ll try not to be too technical.

When the CloudToken (CTO) ERC-20 smart contract was created, it was written on the Ethereum blockchain by the first developer.

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Proof of Arbitrage Trading

Here is proof of Arbitrage Trading using the Cloud Token AI Bot in Binance. They have multiple accounts trading at the same time.

Folks, Cloud Token Transparency is Real!

Bit Beta System (BBS)

Stil skeptical? Why of course you are. Let me continue. Watch this …

CTO transactions are processed through the Bit Beta System 4th Generation blockchain as a token .

They are NOT processed through the Ethereum Blockchain. So when you are presented with this so-call proof of a scam with no transactions happening, those boys and girls are just clueless on the concept.

Here’s what they will show you…

Cloudtoken CTO etherscan
Cloudtoken CTO etherscan

Clueless on the Concept

All CTO token transactions are conducted on the Bit Beta System (BBS) 4.0 blockchain. The existing ERC-20 smart contract version on the Ethereum blockchain is simply a shadow copy of the INITIAL amount of CTO for the sake of contract creation on the ethereum public chain. The first developer wrote the contract but Mr. Ronald Aai thought better. He said No way will we use the Ethereum blockchain to process the Jarvis AI Triangular Arbitrage transactions because it is not only too slow but it is too expensive! Mr. Aai developed the Bit Beta blockchain and was awarded with the Most Innovative Blockchain Project. So he knows what he is talking about.

The CloudToken Dealio

CloudToken doesn’t write the CTO arbitrage trading transactions onto the Ethereum blockchain because it cost gas. Gas has to be paid with ETH. CloudToken doesn’t want to take this approach for 2 main reasons.

  1. The gas would get quite expensive
  2. They would have to hold a lot of ETH in their ethereum wallets to pay fees (GAS) rather than using the ETH to trade.

As long as they don’t send a message back to the token contract via the BBS network, no updates will be seen on the public chain.

This methodology is similar to Lightning Network and Raiden. Companies such as Electroneum use off-chain processing for Instant Payments.

The Raiden Network is an off-chain scaling solution, enabling near-instant, low-fee and scalable payments. It’s complementary to the Ethereum blockchain and works with any ERC20 compatible token.

The basic idea of the Raiden Network is to avoid the blockchain consensus bottleneck. This is done by leveraging a network of payment channels which allow to securely transfer value off-chain, i.e without involving the blockchain for every transfer.

No more “Pay to Win” confirmations like Ethereum or Bitcoin! Blockchain miners will only process your transaction if they think it will pay them the most profits from mining fees. That is why some people have to wait 1 hour and others wait 2 minutes for their Bitcoin or Ether transactions to confirm. The miners dictate that process.

Bit Beta System

BBS is a state of the art 4th generation mobile-based blockchain designed by Ronald Aai of BitBeta System. It’s super-fast. It is capable of processing transactions near-instantly thanks to a fair & fast Proof-of-Reputation algorithm that uses response time, influence (number of connections), stake (number of transactions), and randomness among peers to determine transaction witnesses. It does this strictly in the order of transactions.

CloudToken Wallet Scam is a mantra sang on a few blogs and in some social media posts. Still I have yet to find any evidence that CloudToken is a scam.

Check this out. Naysayers get out your tissue and dry your weeping eyes!

Cloud Token Transparency is Real!

Get outta here with your negative naysayer mentality. CLOUDTOKEN IS REAL! I’m sorry to bust your negative bubble but … well you already saw for yourself.

How To Get Started?

STOP PLAYING! Stop listening to strangers on the internet. It is as if you meet some guy in a pub and he tells you your wife is cheating on you. Your first reaction is “Who the heck is this guy?” So why are you listening to fric and frac on the internet and embracing their words? Do your own due diligence. Stand up and make your decision…. not ride on his conclusion. He is simply an anonymous blogger trying to sway you based upon his mission to tear down Cloud Token. Get a life ALREADY!

  1. Go to or just copy the link and paste it in your browser to start the download. Firefox or Chrome browsers works best.
  2. Download the App to your mobile phone – use 5482321932 as the referral code
  3. Install and Launch the App
  4. If you are using an iPhone, click on Settings ==> General ==> Device Management ==> YCF Technologies ==> TRUST  Then the app will be able to launch your iPhone

Follow these Steps

  1.  How To Get Setup with ** referral code 5482321932 **
  2.  How To Deposit:
  3. How To Start AI Bot:

and in a matter of minutes, you will be ready to rock n roll!
Tell your friends and give them your Cloud Token Referral code. When they sign up, download, and transfer cryptocurrency to the CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet, you will earn even more!

Until next time…

Faith Sloan, “Queen Wiki”
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