AirCoins Treasure Hunt for Free Cryptocurrency

Aircoins Augmented Reality App

Load Up your digital wallet with this Pokemon GO-style Augmented Reality Aircoins Experience.

Whatever your opinion on the longevity of cryptocurrencies may be, there’s no denying the relatively recent wave of digital assets have become extremely popular. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptos have had a huge impact on investors as well as traditional businesses. Now let’s talk about the Augmented Reality Aircoins experience.

Their goal is to attract more casual users to the growing cryptocurrency market. Available on app stores, this mobile app is an exciting Augmented Realty (AR) treasure hunt where users hunt and collect free cryptocurrency. The Aircoins  team drops millions of crypto in various locations all around the globe. These coins are then dropped into the Aircoins cryptocurrency wallet and the excitement builds as their cryptocurrency holdings increase.

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We are hoping to create the largest AR cloud, which will have information from different systems available, to give users real-time information based on their geo-location, anywhere, anytime,” spoke Aircoins Corp CEO, Mr. Emal Safi, in an official release. “We already have dozens of partners coming forward to integrate their AltCoins into our secure Blockchain platform and gaming environments. We expect the App to do very well in all markets. Most people have already heard of the Crypto craze and Bitcoins.

My Aircoins Experience

I, Queen Wiki, have been using the Aircoins Augmented Reality cryptocurrency mobile wallet app on my daily walks. It is truly exciting to collect cryptocurrencies on auto-pilot!



With our ​ Aircoins ​ App, we now offer gamers and Crypto fans a simple way to have fun while earning and being entertained. No expertise is necessary for adults to download the free App and begin playing. So far, it is exhilarating to see people realize that their time is worth something, even when they are having fun hunting and earning. Curious gamers can begin to find coins all-around them within 30-minutes or less.

Cryptocurrency developers and companies are coming on board. So far over 30 cryptocurrencies are part of the treasure hunt!

MyTeenCoin (TEEN), SparkPoint (SRK), Skeincoin (SKC), Rapids (RPD), Original Crypto Coin (OCC) and many many others are onboard.

Our advertising strategy offers ground-breaking value to all parties involved. Games and Contests are constantly occurring, and our team remains excited to watch people from all walks of life enjoying themselves

adds Alisha “Bee” Forrester Scott, ​ Aircoins PR advisor and Crypto-Analyst.

Since our company’s mission is to help people have fun, our investors and advertising partners need to see the value in the Aircoins App.

In a new Strategic Alliance with the ​ Nevada Blockchain Association (NVBA), ​Aircoins will be showcasing a variety of live game App demonstration events. The Aircoins goal at these events is to massively increase foot traffic to areas around the event. Mass attendance at these events is expected. More information about these App and event details and partners will be announced in subsequent press releases.

The Aircoins mobile app Augmented Reality is fairly simple. Basic tracking and simplistic visuals put this several bars lower than more polished AR experiences, such as Pokemon GO or Jurassic World Alive. But, then again, this is real cryptocurrency with real value you’re tapping on, not just a 3D rendered Pink Pokemon.

It is available for free on iOS and Android now.

Until next time…

Faith Sloan, “Queen Wiki”
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