Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays: SCFToken

SCF Token Scam Review

Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays: SCFToken

SCF Token Wallet is the latest trend in Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets that pays you for HODLING your cryptocurrencies. SCFToken has an integrated Arbitrage Trading Bot that delivers up to 16% monthly profit. SCFToken is a Cryptocurrency Wallet that Pays with a minumim $100 deposit.

Here you will find out about 2 Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays: SCFToken and CloudToken

What is A Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various  blockchains to allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency and view your balances. If you want to use Bitcoin ($BTC) or any other cryptocurrency, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are many wallets out there in crypto-land. But here I will focus on 2  mobile cryptocurrency wallets that will pay you for storing your crypto.

Super CodingFly Token (SCF) by CodingFly

SCF (Super CodingFly) Token DApp Mobile Wallet was officially launched 19March2019.

Go to or just copy the link and paste it in your browser to start the download. Firefox or Chrome browsers works best.

Enter this “invitation code”: dababr999

SCF Token’s traders won the Huobi’s championship and Golden Financing Global Quantitative Trading convention earlier this year with an astounding profit of 92.38%. The winners were determined after 1 month trading challenge.

SCF Token Awards
SCF Token Awards

On 11March2019, a group of Korean investors and leaders visited the CodingFly headquarters in Beijing.  They met Wang Xiangling – CEO of CodingFly, Liang Yubo – Co-founder of professional trading group Mingkong Quantitative, and other team members.


Wang Xiangling, Codingfly Co-founder, CEO
Wang Xiangling, Codingfly Co-founder, CEO


Liang Yubo, Co-Founder, Mingkong Quantitative professional trading group trades on behalf of SCFToken
Liang Yubo, Co-Founder, Mingkong Quantitative professional trading group trades on behalf of SCFToken


In WeChat (a Chinese messaging, social media and mobile payment app developed by Tencent with over 1 billion monthly active users), the partnership with the ZB exchange was announced. ZB Exchange daily volume is about $700million and can be confirmed on CoinMarketCap.

How it Works

Unlike Wotoken which requires that you hold a minimum of $1000 USD in cryptocurrency in your wallet, SCF requires only $100. So if you are hodling even a small amount of cryptocurrency in your wallet or on an exchange, just transfer it over to the SCF mobile cryptocurrency wallet!

You earn SCF Tokens but the good news is that you can immediately sell it from within the wallet and get ETH, BTC, etc in a matter of seconds.

– Earn 8% – 16% monthly interest on the cryptocurrency you deposit in your private wallet.

– You will be paid SCF every day

– Minimum wallet deposit only $100. (Be sure to add a few dollars more to account for changes in the price of bitcoin)

– Deposit using BTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, TRX, BCH, QTUM and LTC (only ETH until May2019)

– Withdraw any time, within 15 days 5% fee, after 15 days 1% fee.

– Deposit more then $500 to be eligible for free TRX, BUMO, XRP, ADA and more

– All payments distributed daily 5pm (automatic system)

– Tell your friends about it and earn more SCF Tokens that you can:

  • HODL or
  • Add to your wallet balance so you can earn more or
  • Just sell them immediately!

How To Get Started?

  1. Go to or just copy the link and paste it in your browser to start the download. Firefox or Chrome browsers works best.
  2. Download the App to your mobile phone
  3. Install and Launch the App
  4. Change the App language to English.
  5. Click on Registration – Select your country, choose a username, and fill in the other details
  6. Be sure to enter the correct mobile number! You will receive a text message with a verification code to complete your registration. It takes only 60 seconds to arrive, ** Do Not include your country code ( +1, +234, +41 etc) when typing in your mobile number! They already know your country code when you selected your country. **
  7. Enter this “invitation code”: dababr999
  8. Submit the Registration form.

Congratulations, you’ve successfully installed the SCF Token Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet!

How To Start Earning with the SCFToken AI Bot

  1. Log in with your username
  2. Once you log in, you will be prompted to create your wallet. Just follow the instructions. SAVE ALL OF YOUR PASSWORDS and KEYS.  You will have a login password, wallet password, a bunch of words in a particular order (mnemonic keywords) and a payment password. Save them ALL to a usb stick AND write them down the old-fashioned way… pen and paper. As with any REAL cryptocurrency wallet, if you lose your private keys or mnemonic phrases, you may as well kiss your cryptos goodbye! BE SAFE!
  3. Now .. click on the “+” sign as shown in the image below to set up your wallet.
    SCFToken Crypto to Wallet
    SCFToken Add Crypto Assets to Wallet

    Switch on ( make green) “ETH” since you will transfer ETH into your SCFToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet.


    SCF Add Crypto to Wallet
    SCF Add Crypto Assets to Wallet

    Go back to the wallet by clicking on the back arrow in top upper left hand corner above.  You will see all of the coins you switched on (green) above, now appears in your wallet as seen below.  We’re only concerned with ETH at this time.

    SCF Token AFter Adding Selected Cryptos to Wallet
    SCF Token AFter Adding Selected Cryptos to Wallet
  4. Click on “ETH” (Other cryptos will be ready for both withdrawal and deposit  May 2019)
  5. Click on ‘Receive’ at bottom of next display
  6. Transfer ETH from a cryptocurrency exchange or another ETH wallet  to the ETH wallet address on the display. The ETH  should arrive quickly to your new wallet
  7. Now the Final Step! Turn on the SCFToken AI Bot so your ETH can work for you while you sleep!   Click on”AI Bot”on bottom menu.  The next  screen  will  show  your ETH wallet balance.  Type in that amount less 0.01 fee. Example: If your balance = 5.148823 ETH, then 5.148823 – .01 = 5.138823. So enter 5.138823 in the  field.   Finally, Enter your wallet password (not your Login password nor your payment password)

    SCF Token Start AI Bot
    SCF Token Start AI Bot

Tell your friends and give them your SCF Token wallet username. Your userrname is your invitation code. When they sign up and deposit funds, you will earn even more!

My review of Cloud Token, another wallet that is quite popular,  can be found here CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays

Is SCF Token A Scam?

Now… there are some who will scream ‘SCFToken is a SCAM!”. How can SCF Token be a scam when:

  1. ONLY YOU own the private key to your  wallet
  2. YOU can move your cryptocurrency to any cryptocurrency wallet on the planet whenever you choose to do so. That means you have full LIQUIDITY and OWNERSHIP and are not locked in or obligated to use Super  CodingFly’s SCFToken Wallet product/service.
  3. You are not BUYING into a business or investment instrument.  It is simple. You get free crypto airdropped into your wallet every day for hodling YOUR crypto in YOUR SCFToken Cryptocurrency Mobile wallet.
  4. YOU share your invitation code if you want to get more crypto every day and you don’t have to do this.

Maybe these anti-affiliate program people believe that no one should get paid for referring others.  Everyone knows that corporations/businesses have being using referral/affiliate marketing as a competitive, effective model long before the internet was born.

Until next time…

Faith Sloan, “Queen Wiki”
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