CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet That Pays

Download CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet That Pays

CloudToken Wallet is the latest trend in Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets that pays you for HODLING your cryptocurrencies. Cloud Token has an integrated Arbitrage Trading Bot that delivers up to 15% with the average being 10% monthly profit. CloudToken is a Cryptocurrency Wallet that Pays anyone who has $500 USD in cryptocurrency sitting in their wallet.

Here you will find out about 2 Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays: SCFToken and CloudToken

What is A CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a software program that stores private and public keys and interacts with various  blockchains to allow you to send and receive cryptocurrency and view your balances. If you want to use Bitcoin ($BTC) or any other cryptocurrency, you will need to have a cryptocurrency wallet.

There are many wallets out there in crypto-land. But here I will focus on 2  mobile cryptocurrency wallets that will pay you for storing your crypto.

AI Bot Arbitrage Cryptocurrency Wallets

These are cryptocurrency wallets with integrated AI trading bots that generates profits for the company. You get a portion of their profits simply for holding cryptocurrency in this type of wallet.

It is important to understand that you have 100% liquidity! You still own your cryptocurrency and can transfer it out or spend it any time you wish. How is that for total control over your asset?

PlusToken Wallet was the first wallet before the CloudToken Cryptocurrency mobile wallet. It came on the circuit back in April 2018 with a token price of $0.30. Meanwhile it has reached a price of more than $75 as of this writing. That’s a pretty hefty windfall for many of the participants only after 1 year — 250x!

With these Cryptocurrency mobile wallets, you are rewarded in the company’s currency. So for example, if you have $500 in ETH and you hold it in your wallet, every day you get rewarded with the company’s cryptocurrency. You can choose to sell the company’s currency for ETH or BTC or you can add it to your balance and earn even more.

An added bonus for marketers who have a network of friends in the cryptocurrency space is that they can earn affiliate bonuses for sharing the wallet with others. Great marketing incentive yet optional.

After witnessing PlusToken’s raving success, new wallets have been launched with the goal of repeating PlusToken’s success.

CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet

CloudToken is the newest wallet. It has a strong corporate presence, superior technology, credit card integration, cleaner user interface and more.. As a matter of fact , CloudToken has one of the same financial backers as PlusToken which puts it a step ahead of the others.

Go to http:/ or just copy the link and paste it in your browser to start the download. Firefox or Chrome browsers works best.

Enter this “invitation code”: 5482321932

One of the top affiliates of PlusToken and Global Distributor for CloudToken, Simon, has met the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Cloud Tokenin Shenzhen, China this past January.

Ronald Aii is the Chief Architect of Technology for Cloud Token as well as the Chief Technology Officer of BitBeta.


He has a wealth of experience in the blockchain space as you can see from his company website above. He was involved in World Blockchain Forum (WBF) during a major event in Shenzhen, China back in January 2019.

Ronald stated that the CloudToken Mobile cryptocurrency wallet is the first decentralized wallet that uses the public blockchain to store crypto assets. Which basically means that you can use other wallets to control the assets in CloudToken.

In addition, Cloud Token provides total transparency of their cryptocurrency trading on exchanges via their Jarvis AI BOT in real-time.

High Security Credit Card / Smart Card Integration

How it Works

CloudToken requires cryptocurrency of at least $500 to be held in the wallet. So if you are hodling cryptocurrency in your wallet or on an exchange, just transfer it over to the CloudToken mobile cryptocurrency wallet and earn cryptocurency every day.

You earn CloudToken that you can immediately sell it from within the wallet and get ETH, BTC, etc in a matter of seconds.

– Earn daily up to 12% monthly on the cryptocurrency you hodl in your private wallet.

– You will receive CTO rewards every day

– Minimum Cryptocurrency to hold is only $500. (Be sure to add a few dollars more to account for changes in the price of bitcoin or ether. $600 is a good buffer)

– Deposit using BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, BCH, DOGE. ETH is the recommended cryptocurrency for deposits

– Withdraw any time, within 30 days 10% fee, after 30 days, there will be no fee.

– All earnings received daily

– Tell your friends about it and receive more CTO Tokens that you can:

  • HOLD for Price increase of CTO or
  • Add to your wallet balance so you can earn more or
  • Just sell them immediately!

Is CloudToken A Scam?

Now… there are some who will scream ‘Cloud Token is a SCAM!”. How can CloudToken be a scam when:

  1. Secure powerful encryption
  2. YOU can move your cryptocurrency to any cryptocurrency wallet on the planet whenever you choose to do so. That means you have full LIQUIDITY and OWNERSHIP and are not locked in or obligated to use CloudToken’s Wallet product/service.
  3. You are not BUYING into a business or investment instrument.  It is simple. You get free crypto airdropped into your wallet every day for hodling YOUR crypto in YOUR Cloud Token Cryptocurrency Mobile wallet and participating in the ecosystem projects.
  4. YOU share your referral code if you want to get more crypto every day . OPTIONAL.

It is much better and much more intelligent to store your crypto in a wallet that pays than it is to HODL your crypto on any of the exchanges or on Coinbase, right?

Remember that you can transfer your cryptocurrency to any wallet or cryptocurrency exchange at any time… 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Click Here for Scam Rebuttal Facts!

How To Get Started?

  1. Go to or just copy the link and paste it in your browser to start the download. Firefox or Chrome browsers works best.
  2. Download the App to your mobile phone
  3. Install and Launch the App – use 5482321932 as the referral code
  4. Be sure to set up Google Authenticator 2FA!   See Video Below

Download the CloudToken Getting Started Guide

and in a matter of minutes, you will be ready to rock n roll!

Tell your friends and give them your Cloud Token Referral code. When they sign up, download, and transfer cryptocurrency to the CloudToken Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallet, you will earn even more!

Troubleshooting CloudToken Installation

How To “Trust” the CloudToken Wallet Mobile App on iPhone and Android.

My review of SCF Token, another wallet that is quite popular,  can be found here Mobile Cryptocurrency Wallets That Pays: SCF Token

Until next time…

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