Cryptopia was Hacked and Closed

Cryptopia was Hacked

Cryptopia was Hacked

The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange announced that they were victims of a ‘security breach’ in which they experienced ‘significant losses’ when Cryptopia was hacked.
On January 14, 2019 Cryptopia released a statement to all of its customers informing them that Cryptopia was hacked. Cryptopia released a statement in which they announced they had been hacked and had booked significant loss.
Cryptopia, however, did not reveal any details. The announcement was made on Twitter
The Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchange operates out of New Zealand.  At one point Cryptopia was popular in the cryptocurrency community. But in the past years, the exchange has fallen behind because of the increase in the number of alternative cryptocurrency exchanges.

Cryptopia under Maintenance and Temporarily Closed

After the team at Cryptopia found proof of the security breach, the exchange was immediately put under maintenance.  It is likely to stay that way until further investigation is done into how Cryptopia was hacked and who is responsible.

This is what you will see when you visit the Cryptopia exchange.

Cryptopia Hacked
Cryptopia under maintenance

Cryptopia announced that they alerted authorities as well as contacted the ‘high tech crimes’ division of the New Zealand police force. The investigation has already been initiated. Regardless, only so much can be done when a hack is discovered because for the most part, hackers are relatively anonymous. Thus it is near impossible to bring hackers to face charges.

Customers Clamor for More Details

Cryptopia was hacked and it is he first cryptocurrency-related hack of 2019. This is touted as the year of the cryptocurrencies but of course it is too soon to tell.  However, the hackers are increasing in numbers as well. The customers are unhappy about the lack of details surrounding the event that Cryptopia was hacked.  The vagueness of details as to the who, what and where has not been released nor has Cryptopia released the amount of the loss. Unfortunately, right now, all the customers can do is wait patiently for more information to be divulged.

Yes, Cryptopia was hacked and only then will the customers either relax or go on a royal rampage.

 Faith Sloan, “Queen Wiki”
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