Cashaa August Recap

Cashaa Banking Platform

Not Paying Attention? Here’s the Cashaa August 2018 Recap

Cashaa started in 2016 and is a London based banking and payment remittance startup whose goal is to make cryptocurrency transactions more accessible for the people. Many of you haven’t been paying attention so I will provide you with the Cashaa August 2018 Recap. I will continue to do so for months to come.

They are currently in the progress of becoming a licensed, regulated and compliant banking system. CEO, Kumar Gaurav globe trots around the world presenting their innovative blockchain solutions at meetups, conferences, universities and government assemblies

Meanwhile the staff members at home are busy making progress according to their roadmap.They have hired Dhanashri Mukund Honrao as the new VP of Human Resources which is always a good growth signal.


Cashaa Road Map and Cashaa August 2018 Recap
Cashaa Road Map and Cashaa August 2018 Recap

Cashaa has distributed over 31.8million CAS tokens in the month of Agust to ICO participants who hodl their CAS. These tokens are distributed monthly for 7 months.

Cashaa did somthing considered amazing as well as ethical and compliant. They raised $34million during their ICO. BUT about $13million of ICO funds collected were returned to investors who did not submit “Know Your Customer” (KYC) documents or who failed the KYC document process. That was a tall order since it was almost half of the total ICO funds raised.  This is a true sign of a company who is in it for the long haul and who values ethics and good business sense over money.

Cashaa’s development team has completed 3 “Sprints” to-date. A Sprint In product development has a pre-defined time period where specific work has to be completed and made ready for review.

There were 3 sprints completed in August 2018.

Apple – User interface for the onboarding process & dashboard; some technology integration; implementation of KYC for mobile & web; CashaaPay for BTC (enables to receive BTC confirmation from the BTC blockchain and post it into Cashaa’s platform; create BTC addresses, send & receive BTC payments) and the same for ERC20 tokens. This alone is exciting!

Blueberry – Onboarding individuals and depositing cryptos

Cherry – Onboarding Pre-ICO businesses onto the Cashaa ICO business platform

Progress is being made so watch out for the tsunami as we approach 2019!

They have 2 potential banking partners under evaluation and have signed up a new KYC service provider which will integrate nicely into the Cashaa ICO platform.

With their 6-pronge business model, they are poised to become a force to contend with in many areas of business and finance.

 Bank Account
International Transfers
Debit Cards
Crypto Backed Loans
Business Services


We will keep you posted on Cashaa’s progress. Cashaa is one blockchain-based business we will keep our eyes on.

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