John McAfee Bitfi Hardware Wallet

john mcafee bitfi hardware wallet review

John McAFee Bitfi Hardware Wallet Review

John started a mini-twitter was when he wrote this about the Bitfi Hardware Wallet:

The world’s first un-hackable storage for cryptocurrency & digital assets.
John McAfee

Dr. Craig Wright and a few others didn’t take too kindly with John’s statement and basically called him out in Twitter.

I am not here to get into arguments but I do believe Dr. Wright is a being a little harsh here. I and many others are familiar with his way of communicating, so it is just a normal day in the twitterhood.

I respect both Dr. Craig Wright and Mr. John McAfee although I don’t agree with them at times. I do agree that anything can be hacked simply because absolute certainty doesn’t exist in my reality. I guess it is all relative.

For those of you who don’t know what Dr. Craig Wright meant by a “brain wallet”, here’s the definition.

brainwallet refers to the concept of storing Bitcoins in one’s own mind by memorizing a seed phrase

Nonetheless, this review is about John McAfee Bitfi Hardware Wallet, so let us focus on the product.

If you are up to the challenge,  John McAfee first offered $100,000.00. Now he is offering $250,000.00 USD to the first person who hacks the Bitfi Hardware Wallet AND who withdraws the $50 USD worth of cryptocurrency from the wallet.

Don’t just talk the talk… time to walk the walk!


You will read about a few hackers “allegedly” hacking the wallet, but in my opinion they were all epic failures. Gaining root access and NOT retrieving the cryptocurrency is not a successful hack. NEXT!

John McAfee Bitfi Hardware Wallet Review and Demo Video

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What do you think about John McAfee’s Bitfi Hardware Wallet? Will you win that all elusive $250,000.00 for hacking it? Write your comments below.

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