EckoCoin Wallet SetUp – Claim EckoCoins

EckoCoin Wallet Setup Instructions

Here are EckoCoin Wallet Setup and Synchronization Instructions here.
The steps to install are as follows:

  1. Download the ECKOCoin Wallet from
  2. If your computer tries to block the install, choose the options to run anyway and check options to run in private networks.
  3.  Allow the wallet to synchronize with the network.
  4. If the wallet does not connect to the network, check if you have enabled Firewall and disable it.
  5. After synchronization has completed, encrypt the wallet. (see Video)
  6. Close the Wallet.
  7. Now let us backup the EckoCoin Wallet
  8. Press the Windows key
    Windows Key
    Windows Key

    plus the letter R to open the Run dialog box.

  9. Type the word Appdata and click on OK.
  10. If you can’t see “AppData” folder, click here 
  11. Open Roaming folder.
  12. Open ECKO folder
  13. In the ECKO folder, you will see a wallet.dat file. This is your wallet file.  A wallet file does NOT have your transactions. All cryptocurrency (coins or tokens) are sitting on the blockchain. The wallet file contains your private key and other data. Create a backup of this file. Copy this file on a USB stick or another computer. This is what you will need in case you trash your computer. Losing this file will mean you will no longer have access to your wallet and thus you will lose your coins FOREVER!
  14.  To get your ICO, airdrop, or bounty EckoCoins, you must complete this google form in order to receive your ECKOCoins in your wallet:
  15. FOLLOW THE FORM INSTRUCTIONS! With Freedom comes Responsibility. So pay attention to details

If you prefer a video tutorial, see EckoCoin Wallet Setup and How To Claim EckoCoins below:

When the EckoCoin Wallet Setup and Synchronization has been completed, your wallet will appear as below:

EckoCoin Wallet Setup and Synchronizing
EckoCoin Wallet Setup and Synchronizing

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