Aircoins Crypto Treasure Hunt Augmented Reality Mobile App

Aircoins AIRX Augmented Reality Mobile Game App - Treasure Hunt Free Cryptocurrency

All I can say is Aircoins … Aircoins…

Aircoins (AIRx) Crypto Treasure Hunt Augmented Reality Mobile App

that I am excited about. You know I am one who continue to talk about Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption rather than Hodling or Investing. Aircoins is here!

Aircoins (AIRx) is the biggest cryptocurrency Augmented Reality (AR) platform I have yet to see. You can Find, Collect, Share and Trade Cryptocurrencies in Augmented Reality (AR).

The Aircoin Mobile Game App’s pre-launch popularity and functionality has generally been compared to Pokemon GO! Today, the Canadian-based Aircoins Corp has launched “Aircoins”, their new game App in Augmented Reality (AR). The App is
available for free download on Apple and Android platforms. Tablets coming soon.

Why the Aircoins App?

The Aircoin app combines fun, Cryptocurrencies, and the in-App convenience of low-cost Cryptocurrency exchange. Inside the game, Cryptocurrencies are free to collect for gamers who download the App. Just as in a traditional (offline) treasure hunt like Pokemon Go! Today there are 12 types of coins/tokens/assets and in the future more will be available so gamers can locate and collect. All of the coins that are found are stored in your private wallet inside of the mobile game app. Soon there will be a feature where gamers can exchange their assets.

These digital assets will be dropped in your neighborhoods, shopping malls and casinos, to local businesses and event venues. With the Aircoins App, gamers are interacting with decentralized digital assets on a private Blockchain without havng to know a thing about crptocurrency nor blockchain technology.

Aircoins Corp., CEO, Emal Safi stated:

So far, it is exhilarating to see people realize that their time is worth something, even when they are having fun hunting and earning. Curious gamers can begin to find coins all-around them within 30-minutes or less.

This is Proof of Work (POW) in its raw form. Human Energy being exchanged for Cryptocurrencies!

Once collected, coins can be exchanged for many other Cryptocurrencies. Commercial clients (advertisers) who want to purchase bulk coins can AirDrop them for advertising giveaway purposes. This type of creative gaming promotion will certainly attract visitors into their stores or venues, while combining shopping and mobile gaming that brings an increase in value for shoppers and event visitors.

Based on advertising opportunities where earning, fun and safety are virtually guaranteed to Users (participants), this advertising business model is new to the Blockchain and AR gaming realms. Later this Summer, the Aircoins App Development Team is preparing code that will allow in-App coin purchases.

Aircoins Crypto Treasure Hunt Augmented Reality Mobile App

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