Electroneum Fork – How To GPU Mine ETN with XMR-Stak

How to GPU Mine Electroneum

How To GPU Mine ETN with XMR-Stak from Home with a GPU mining rig or Personal Computer

I will show you how to GPU mine ETN with XMR-Stak but first let us talk about the Electroneum fork.

The past few days post-Electroneum fork has been crazy insane. With the Electroneum GPU Mining community in an uproar, the new bugs in the software, the high difficulty parameter, and the low hash power in the network, one can ask, how much more can Electroneum endure.

Electroneum forked in order to make its ETN cryptocurrency ASIC-resistant and to add additional customizations.

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We know that Monero’s fork went much better than Electroneum’s nightmare. Electroneum didn’t take into consideration that the majority of machines mining ETN were ASIC-miners. There were only a small population of GPU Miners. Without the ASIC miners, the difficulty parameter remained high BUT the hash power took a deep dive.

Right now miners are mining empty blocks and they aren’t happy. In the past, it took 2 minutes to hit a block, it is taking hours to do it today, post-fork. So many GPU miners put a halt on their mining tasks.

So Electroneum had to come out of pocket and start mining ETNs at nanopool to throw some hash power in the mix.

The Electroneum fork occurred at block 307500 as you can see when you check out the Electroneum Block Explorer. Right now, the blockchain is at block 307543 . When it hits block 307575, the difficulty parameter will begin to gradually decrease. That is a good thing. Then the GPU miners can get back to the business of securing the network and earning block rewards.

In addition to that, there were some network bugs in the code. Their new blockchain advisor/developer, Andre Patta managed to submit a fix to github and all is well.

As I write this article, the Electroneum mempool is clearing. The mempool has gone from over 5100 transactions to less than 400 transactions waiting. It is still an uphill battle.

Electroneum ETN Mempool - GPU Mine ETN with XMR-Stak
Electroneum ETN Mempool

Now I will show you how to GPU Mine ETN with XMR-Stak GPU mining rig or a personal computer/laptop.


Important Links:

https://github.com/fireice-uk/xmr-stak/releases download xmr-stak mining software
https://etn.nanopool.org/help nanopool mining support including hosts and ports
http://twitter.com/electroneum electroneum updates
https://blockexplorer.electroneum.com/ electroneum blockchain

Now that you have everything you need to GPU Mine ETN with XMR-Stak, share your experiences  by commenting below.

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