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Roger Ver gives Bitcoin Core Free PR and Marketing

Did Bitcoin Cash Fork Bitcoin Clashic – Bitcoin Core OR Did Bitcoin Clashic fork Bitcoin Cash?

I know you think I am losing my mind, but you MUST read this. It can’t get any crazier than this.

About Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Clashic & the REAL Bitcoin Core

I tell ya. Roger Ver created something that will confuse a rocket scientist. Why Roger? Why?!

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Here’s the backdrop and how this maze of confusion started

Once upon a time in a Reddit (or was it bitcointalk?) forum, fights broke out amongst the Bitcoin advocates primarily about block limits.

One side said “Bitcoin can’t scale for mass adoption as a currency. It is too slow and expensive. Not only that it goes against the original white paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. We need to increase the blocksize NOW”

Bitcoin White Paper by Satoshi Nakamoto

The other camp said “Hogwash! Bitcoin can scale! ”

This was the start of the Bitcoin “civil war,” and it continues to this day. Warring subredditsWikipedia edit wars. Twitter tweets and on and on.

Roger Ver is one who truly believes that the Bitcoin developers strayed from Satoshi’s original idea of what Bitcoin should be.  He became wealthy because of Bitcoin and being lucky enough to buy a bag full when it was dirt cheap years ago.

Fast forward …

Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Ball of Confusion

As the war rages on, Roger Ver says the Bitcoin Cash fork is his project and you better not call it BCash.

After Bitcoin Cash forked from Bitcoin in August 2017, Roger Ver starting a furious marketing and PR campaign to promote Bitcoin Cash as the REAL Bitcoin.  He has been interviewed in the Cryptocurrency media, Mass media, by youtubers, and when he is invited to any event to speak, he makes sure he communicates that Bitcoin will die and Bitcoin Cash is the mass adoption “peer-to-peer digital currency”.  Roger Ver owns which has many readers and is where you will find him promoting Bitcoin Cash to the masses under the Bitcoin name.

That is where the confusion for the masses began. What put the icing on the cake of confusion is when Roger and those who agree with his stance, gave Bitcoin (BTC) a new name: “Bitcoin Core”.  Roger Ver’s reasoning lies in his marketing narrative that Bitcoin Cash is the REAL Bitcoin.

Confused yet? Hold on to your hats! This is going to get really mind blowing, hilarious, and sad.

Bitcoin Core ?

There is now a coin actually named and branded as “Bitcoin Core” (BTCC).

Some say the new “Bitcoin Core” forked from Bitcoin Cash on 15May2018. But that is far from the truth.

Here is the history:
On November 01, 2017, there was a Bitcoin fork named “Bitcoin Clashic”, which was ignored by all.

Now it has been revived and rebranded as ”Bitcoin Core” (BTCC) on 15May2018

The Bitcoin Clashic team claims that Roger Ver’s Bitcoin Cash developers forked the Bitcoin Clashic mainnet on November 13, 2017! WHOA!!! So they are calling Bitcoin Cash out as a Fake while insisting that they are the REAL Bitcoin Cash… I think.

On the Bitcoin Clashic website, you will see

Beware of BCash – a FakeVision, maliciously hard-forked from Clashic on November 13, 2017

The REAL Bitcoin Core
The REAL Bitcoin Core

You can go to their new branded Bitcoin Core website to read their edict at

For those of you who don’t know, initially the term “BCash” was used as a shortened form of Bitcoin Cash.  On November 27, 2018, John Carvalho, AKA BitcoinErrorLog interviewed Roger Ver. That is where Roger …. well watch the video yourself. You just can’t make this stuff up.

So now, when the term “BCASH” is used, it is used in a derogatory manner.

Yes indeed, sir! Bitcoin Core is FINALLY REAL! I am laughing at all of this mess.

Bitcoin Core – Future Confusion

People will be confused for the next 5 years, I tell ya. If you Google “Bitcoin”, you will see loads of search result entries about Bitcoin Core thanks to Roger Ver deep pockets and PR/marketing campaigns.

Now when people start googling Bitcoin Core, they are going to see a mish mash of websites, forums, blog articles, news and videos insinuating that Bitcoin is Bitcoin Core and that Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin and soon you will see Bitcoin Core talking about they’re the Real Bitcoin Cash or the Bitcoin Core “name” that Roger and/or his constituency creaated.

If you want to check out their twitter account, it is @BitcoinCore_ NOTICE the underscore at the end of the handle.

The funny thing is that the Bitcoin Clashic/Bitcoin Core developers are using Roger Ver’s video to create a narrative that they are the “Bitcoin Core” cryptocurrency Roger is talking about incessantly. They say that Roger Ver is their best advocate AND they get FREE PR from him . How fitting is that!

It is obvious that they are on the “other side” of Roger Ver because they go on to tweet that “Bitcoin will always be King”.


What A royal mess we created, eh?

If Roger Ver would have named his coin RogerCoin and marketed it as such, the confusion spirit would have been dissapated from the cryptocurrency community.

I am going to side with my sane mentor and cryptocurrency/blockchain thought leader,, Andreas Antonopoulos.

He created  a new slogan: BUIDL, a deliberate misspelling of “build.”

“BUIDL something. Anything. Do your part. Write code. Write documentation. I don’t care if it’s Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin or anything else, it doesn’t matter,” he said. “They’re getting distracted by all this bullshit.”

Are you still confused about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core?

Welcome to the lives of the many…

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Until Next Time…

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