Verasity ICO: Video Sharing Platform

Verasity ICO

Verasity – “A next-generation video sharing platform designed to liberate Creators and benefit Viewers”

Verasity for Viewers

View great video content

Verasity’s economy is designed to help Viewers find the content that they really want to watch.

Direct commercial relationships between channel owners and their Viewers, ensure no third party can bias content suggestions.

Get rewarded for viewing

Verasity incentivizes Viewers to engage with the platform by rewarding them with VERA for the content they watch.

Advertisers directly reward Viewers who choose to watch their adverts.

Earn VERA by supporting channels

Within Verasity, Viewers can help support the growth in a content channel through VeraSparks.

If Viewers own VeraSparks in a channel, they receive a portion of the VERA collected by the channel.

Verasity for Video Content Creators

Create channels and upload videos

Any Verasity user can become a Creator and launch a channel.

Verasity uses proven, scalable and high-quality video streaming technology that ensures the best experience for Creators and their fans.

Multiple monetization methods

Verasity enables microtransactions that create the most flexibility for Creators and Publishers to monetize their content.

No more waiting on payments as Verasity transactions are fast, secure and transparent.

Fund development of your channel

Through VeraSparks, creators can sell a portion of their channel’s future revenue on Verasity, in exchange for VERA. This VERA can be used to accelerate growth in a channel and users who buy VeraSparks share in the success they helped to create.

Verasity for Advertisers and Sponsors

Brand new value

Verasity creates a direct value exchange between brand spend and Viewer interaction. With Verasity’s Proof of View technology, each view will be recorded in a way that is transparently auditable within the Verasity Blockchain.

Verasity enables Advertisers to directly pay Viewers VERA in exchange for their attention.

Advertisers are guaranteed to reach engaged Viewers who voluntarily accept to watch the adverts.

Verasity enables Brands to transact with Creators directly through the platform using VERA.

This assures sponsorships and brand placements are verified through Verasity’s Proof of View te

Proof of View (PoV™)

Verasity has developed a patent pending* Proof of View (PoV™) system, enabled through blockchain technology, to provide accurate, secure and auditable audience metrics.

These accurate audience metrics drive the true value of each view, ensuring the ecosystem retains a fair commercial relationship between Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Brands.

Through this new, unique technology, the Verasity platform is able to fairly value content recommendations regardless of content type, audience demographic or a third party’s monetization strategy.

Check out the whitepaper here

Verasity Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Verasity token distribution
Verasity token distribution
Verasity token sale
Verasity token sale

Take a look at Verasity’s whitepaper. If you like it, then click here to participate!

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