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QueenWiki Cryptocurrency Market Talk and Other Ramblings

After taking my Mother out for her young 79th birthday dinner and spending time with friends, I arrived home and started to settle in. Suddenly, I had the urge to go all in on QueenWiki Cryptocurrency Market Talk.

I opened up OBS and started a facebook live session. Of course, I always intend to be brief but have yet to master that skill.

I talked about how we should not make cryptocurrency buy/sell decisions based upon short-term market movements.

Then I rambled on about naysayers who are hell bent on hoping and praying that everyone in cryptocurrencies get gob-smacked.

I go on to show you some of the venues to help you research cryptocurrencies before jumping in head first. This is related to fundamental analysis… but I went on to give you my opinion on technical analysis as well.

Yes the past few days were green days, but don’t get all happy pappy. Stop watching coinmarketcap and enjoy life!

Yes just a fireside QueenWiki Cryptocurrency Market Talk session for my friends, colleagues, and followers.

Finally I talk about 3 exciting things on my cryptocurrency and blockchain plate:

  1. Writing a Cryptocurrency and Blockchain book series
  2. Keynote Speaker role at a local event and other events I will be speaking
  3. My team finishing up http://qwuniversity.com before end of month to educate the masses all over the world on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

Excitement is in the air as my passion overflows into your life.

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Until Next Time…

Faith Sloan “QueenWiki” 

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