Claim Callisto from any Wallet

Claim Callisto From Any Wallet

Claim Callisto from any Wallet After ETC CoinSwap.

So you want to know how to claim Callisto from any Wallet … the ETC hard forked Callisto ($CLO) coins that you are eligible to receive if you hold Ethereum Classic ($ETC) on or before block 5,500,000?  Everything you need to know and do is right here!

Which wallets will support the fork?

Technically speaking no wallets ‘support’ANY forks. Your coins will ALWAYS be sitting on the blockchain waiting for you to find a way to get your private key and transfer them. NO PRIVATE KEY = YOU’RE OUT OF LUCK!

So the answer is “WHO CARES?”

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** Remember this: You do NOT store coins in wallets! I know it is hard to believe. Your coins are ALWAYS sitting in a blockchain! Those wonderful wallets we are using are just software created for the masses as a window to SEE what is on the blockchain and to perform transactions.

Keeping your coins on exchanges is risky because you do NOT own your private key…. the exchanges own the wallets. Don’t do that, please. NO PRIVATE KEYS = YOU DON’T OWN YOUR CRYPTOS = HELL ON EARTH FOR YOU!

Claim Callisto From Any Wallet

What is the Ethereum Classic CoinSwap Fork and Who is Callisto Network ?  (Continue Here)


Keep learning … Keep spreading the word … To each one, TEACH One!

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