MoneyToken ICO – a blockchain-based financial ecosystem

moneytoken - a blockchain based financial ecosystem. Borrow against your cryptocurrency

MoneyToken is a blockchain-based financial ecosystem. MoneyToken provides crypto-backed loans, stablecoin, MTC and a decentralized exchange service.

Spending crypto assets won’t let an investor benefit from a future rise in their value; that’s why many investors buy less cryptocurrencies and ‘hodl’ to reap future benefits. MoneyToken is a crypto platform allowing investors to borrow different liquid funds instantly by allowing you to borrow on the value of your cryptocurrency asset holdings’ existing value.

moneytoken - a blockchain based financial ecosystem. Borrow against your cryptocurrency
moneytoken – a blockchain based financial ecosystem. Borrow against your cryptocurrency

MoneyToken analysis

This platform lets you take a loan by using different volatile assets such as Ethereum and Bitcoin as collateral—in return, you’ll get a loan amount that’s available in a stable currency. Once the loan is repaid, you’ll get back the entire collateral even if it has increased in value.

With the MoneyToken platform, you acquire liquid funds and maintain your cryptocurrency position which keeps you in the game in terms of long-term investment growth. The advantage of  MoneyToken is that you don’t have to sell your BTC or ETH whenever you need stable currency or cash.

The MoneyToken blockchain-based credit ecosystem is ideal for miners who’re finding it difficult to raise funds to get new mining equipment, for traders and investors who want to make it big in the cryptocurrency sphere and for ICOs looking to get their hands on quick cash for short-term needs.

Lastly, the platform can even be leveraged by cryptocurrency exchanges looking to bring down the hedging risks by securing extra cash.

With MoneyToken, intermediaries like banks and financial institutions are eliminated and there is full transparency and governed by smart contracts.

ICO details 

  • Ticker Symbol: IMT
  • Price : USD $0.005
  • Maximum emission : 22.49 billion
  • Private sale : February 7 to March 21 (Hard cap: USD 1,500,000)  Currently $852,565 raised
  • Presale : March 22 to April 12 (Soft cap: USD1.5 MM, Hard cap: USD 5,000,000
  • Token Sale : May 2 to June 6 (Soft cap: USD3 MM, Hardcap: USD35,000,000 MM)

It appears to be a much needed service and a potentially profitable investment. But of course, I advise you to read the White Paper to determine if it is something you’d be comfortable investing into. If so, go to their website HERE to sign up and participate in the MoneyToken ICO.

Benefits and How MoneyToken Differs from other Platforms

Here is a video interview with the CEO and Co-Founder, Jerome MacGillivray, where he addresses this.

1)The platform is tailored for $10K – $1M loans, small loans are available too.

2)By creating a new model that combines b2b and b2c approaches, MoneyToken captures the best features of all lending models. The majority of existing platforms act as intermediaries between lenders and borrowers; slowing down the entire loan approval and release of funds process. MoneyToken manages and operates a credit fund of the platforms lenders, so that loan approval takes seconds and funds can be released almost instantaneously.

3)MoneyToken supports the development of stablecoins, as we believe this is the future of a truly borderless, frictionless, cryptocurrency-based payment system. The MoneyToken platform will offer loans in both fiat currency and stablecoins:bitUSD, USDT, Dai, and MoneyToken’s own stablecoin, the MTC.

4)MoneyToken is intended to be rolled out and available globally (subject to national and regional legislation)

5)MoneyToken does not use token mechanics to charge additional costs or hide services charges; instead our token plays a unique infrastructure role, providing benefits to customers such as a discount on platform commissions.

6)MoneyToken is an infrastructure project. It’s not just a lending platform: MoneyToken has its own ecosystem, aimed at creating its own stablecoin and decentralized exchange service.

Check them out HERE !

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