How To Claim Forked Coins From Ledger Nano S to Coinomi Wallet

How To Claim Forked Coins on Ledger Nano HardWallet

Frustrated Trying to Claim Forked Coins in Your Hardware Wallet, Ledger Nano?

This example is for those of you who had Litecoin (LTC) in your Ledger Nano S or Ledger Nano Blue, Trezor, or any hardware wallet. Follow this outline to claim forked coins — claim your LiteCoin Cash (LCC) hardforked coins that Coinomi supports.

This process works for ANY forked coins.
How To Claim Forked Coins on Ledger Nano HardWallet
How To Claim Forked Coins on Ledger Nano HardWallet

1. Open your Ledger Nano S and withdraw your Litecoin (LTC) and ALL other altcoins to other wallets such as Coinomi. I know it is painful but this is to ensure that the process doesn’t result in you losing your coins when you claim forked coins. All Ledger Nano apps use the same BIP39 seed words (mnemonic code) Make sure your Ledger Nano S or hardware wallet is completely empty.

2. Export your Litecoin (LTC) private key using the BIP39 Mnemonic Codes Converter tool – For added security, it’s a good idea to be offline (disconnect your computer from the internet) when you perform this step.

3. Import your Private key to your Coinomi wallet to start the claim forked coins process.

4. Now reset your Ledger Nano S with a new password and backup seed. This is a security precaution since you have exposed your hardware wallet’s private key. Now you can deposit all your altcoins back onto your Ledger Nano S, Ledger Blue or whatever hardware wallet you are using.

Click Here  for a detailed guide from Coinomi

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