Electroneum Update and News March 01, 2018 – PROGRESS

electroneum update March 02, 2018 - Mobile Mining Ready!

Electroneum Wallet Mining Ready March 05, 2018!

What is Electroneum

Electroneum is a company whose focus is on the mobile market combined with cryptocurrency mass adoption The Electroneum ICO was a roaring success back in September 2017 with over 100million participants and over 500000 mobile and web-based subscribers to-date.  Electroneum or ETN cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency built on its own Cryptonote blockchain similar to Monero (XMR). The cryptocurrency claims to be “the world’s first common cryptocurrency.”

The ETN cryptocurrency was built with the specific goal of capturing the mobile gaming and online wagering markets. It’s designed with mobile-friendliness, fast transactions, and easy micropayments in mind.

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Official Electroneum Update:


Mobile World Congress

Hi everyone!

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (MWC) has drawn to a close and it has been a huge success for us. It has confirmed to us that the business strategy we’ve chosen is the perfect route to obtain the mass cryptocurrency audience that we’ve always promised. We were advised to take plenty of staff as cryptocurrency is very much a topic of discussion among C level executives (C level just means “chief” level – but it sounds much cooler). Well, we are glad we did. We’ve been rushed off our feet all week with people actively seeking us out for a conversation, which lead to a huge number of quick cryptocurrency tutorials and bright prospects.

MWC has certainly helped us with our goals for 2018. We have smashed our own target for getting agreements in place and have one month to go before the end of the first quarter. By the end of this quarter we are more confident than ever that all our Q1 goals will not just be met, but be exceeded.

Highlights of the show included me being introduced to two mobile industry billionaires (I’m not sure I’d ever met one before, but billionaires are like buses, you wait a long time for one, then two come along at the same time). I was also introduced to Steve Pusey, considered to be one of the top ten most influencial people in the mobile phone industry. I’ve met handset manufacturers, dozens of network operators and virtual network operators (MVNOs) and I would say we have over 100 people that we are interested in working with in some capacity over the coming months!

I’ve been involved in many businesses over the years, and attended many trade shows, but I’ve never had a response to a product like we are having for Electroneum. It’s great to be a part of such an exciting project.

Mobile Electroneum Miner GOING LIVE 05March2018

The most important part of Electroneum has always been our Mobile Miner. You’ll be pleased to hear we have an official “go live” date for the Android version and that is Monday 5th March 2018. We’ve been showing the iPhone version on iOS at the MWC show, but we’ve still not got it past Apple’s “app police” yet. Don’t blame Apple, remember they have tough rules on cryptocurrency apps to protect their users. Once we have the Android version live for mining on Monday we will start promoting it and the best thing you can do to help is to us get 100s of thousands or millions of Android downloads which should help our case with Apple. I’m pretty confident the viral effect of the app will be quite large, but we will find out next week!

Security Update

A new version of the Electroneum Android app is available to download right now, and this includes some security updates. We are going to force an update next week, but for now, you can download it whenever you are ready.

The new security feature is going to add yet another layer of security to the online wallets. Whenever you are logging in to the Electroneum app or web based wallet system we will check your IP address and the device you are using (or browser details). You will need to click on a link sent to your primary email account to confirm access rights by the new device / IP address. The app will remain logged in as you are roaming, a new IP address won’t log you OUT once you are logged in, but any NEW attempt to log in will be verified by an email.

This security update will be included in the update on Monday, so will go live at the same time as the mobile miner.

Patented Technology

Last week I hinted that we were working on something with Dentons and whilst we are not quite ready to give the full details, I will let you know that in our integration into this industry and whilst working in our test environment with HUGE numbers of simulated users, we’ve developed some technology and methodologies that are protectable and patentable. We are a whisker away from submitting the patent application, our prior art searches are complete and we are just finalising the technical drawings and over 70 pages of detail. Within the next week or so we should have patent pending status on some very useful cryptocurrency technology that will be useful to any cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency exchange (not just us) as they integrate at scale with extremely large volumes of real users.

As always, thanks for sticking with us and supporting the Electroneum Project. We have an incredibly exciting journey ahead of us but we have nearly everything we need now to make Electroneum the largest cryptocurrency by user numbers during 2018. The mobile miner goes live next week. The last item we need is the ability for the network operators to accept ETN as a payment, and we are working with two of the smaller MVNOs on that integration right now. We can re-use the majority of that code with everyone as they come on board!

All the best,

Richard Ells
Founder of Electroneum.




Electroneum is available to trade on Cryptopia here: https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Register?referrer=queenwiki

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