Electroneum On Fire – Secret Document Tells All – Richard Ells, CEO

Electroneum is a company whose focus is on the mobile market combined with cryptocurrency mass adoption The Electroneum ICO was a roaring success back in September 2017 with over 100million participants and almost 1million mobile and web-based subscribers to-date.  Electroneum or ETN cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency built on its own customized Cryptonote blockchain similar to Monero (XMR). The cryptocurrency claims to be “the world’s first common cryptocurrency.”

Currently as I write this article, there are almost 70,000 people taking advantage of the Electroneum mining experience.

Electroneum ETN Mobile Miner
Electroneum ETN Mobile Miner on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Android

Of course, the mining experience isn’t actual mining. If it was, your mobile phone would get so hot, it would explode in your hand! The ETNs are pre-mined by Richard Ell’s Electroneum company and distributed to those are in the ecosystem running the Electroneum wallet and miner.

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Electroneum LogoETN cryptocurrency was built with the specific goal of capturing the mobile gaming and online wagering markets. As Richard Ells mention in his facebook live, they found a quicker way to gain mass adoption. As we know, the electroneum wallet and miner, is designed with mobile-friendliness, fast transactions, and easy micropayments in mind.  With that said, they went straight to the TOP. They have partnered with multi-million dollar telecommunications companies in order to proliferate the market quickly.  Don’t fret … Electroneum has the mobile gaming and online wagering product on their roadmap.

The Electroneum wallet / miner is ready for the iPhone iOS but Apple is a difficult bear to get a cryptocurrency-related app into its Apple Store these days. They want to make sure that the Electroneum wallet isn’t out of compliance and in addition to that, Electroneum has proprietary centralized systems which talks to the decentralized blockchain. So the review process is a tedious one.

Richard Ells mentioned in the Facebook Live that iPhones are more of a ‘western world’ or ‘developing countries’ phenomenon. The billions of people on this planet who are making pennies a day are residing in undeveloped countries. That is indeed a huge market where the people will appreciate making a few extra dollars a month.

Facebook Live  Video15March2018 – Richard Ells, Electroneum CEO

In order to kick-start the use of Electroneum across the world, Electroneum has partnered with global mobile operators and payments companies to allow users to pay for their airtime, data and VAS (value added services) using Electroneum (ETN). Through these partnerships Electroneum immediately have access to hundreds of millions of customers and millions of vendors and outlets.

I wrote about a few of the companies Electroneum has partnered with to-date. These include Telecommunications payment giant, Xius, Fanfare Global, video-sharing platform for Fans to share information about their favorite Brands and for Brands to engage Fans through video content, rewards and social commerce.

QueenWiki’s Analysis of the Secret Electroneum Document

Check out the secret document:

Electroneum Uncovered: The Mobile Cryptocurrency Ecosystem


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