Titanium TBIS BAR to TBAR HardFork CoinSwap Update

Titanium BAR to TBAR HardFork CoinSwap is Happening!

Many of you are aware of the 16 million BAR tokens hack. Well prepare for the Titanium TBIS BAR Token Swap / HardFork for the NEW TBAR Tokens.


OFFICIAL Noon (PST) Update, February 22nd:
•Distribution of TBAR Tokens to begin today!
•MVP will be released by March first. (this is one of TBIS’ products from the roadmap!)
•During the ICO some people lost BARs by using exchange addresses. They can now use this formto collect TBARs: https://goo.gl/yivbYD

•If you currently have BARs on an exchange, please wait for a form to be posted @TBISINC in Telegram. That is the official TBIS Announcement channel.  QueenWiki will also have updates on this blog.

•PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who purchased BAR before 4pm (PST) on February 21st will receive TBAR in a 1:1 ratio automatically.

•Anyone who purchased bar after 7pm, (PST) on February 21st will not receive TBAR without manual approval on a case by case basis.

•Anyone who purchased BAR between 4PM to 7PM will be helped on an individual basis.

•Can I purchase BAR now and receive TBAR: NO

•Kindly stay tuned @TBISINC and here for more information as it becomes available.

UPDATE: 27February2018

As TBAR will be distributed directly to all Erc20 wallets (like MEW, Metamask, and/or Ledger) which held BAR on or before 4pm (PST) on February 21st, only a small portion of ICO participants and/or BAR holders will need to complete one of three simple forms in order to qualify for TBAR distribution. If you lost a transaction during ICO by providing an exchange address, moved your (previously acquired) BAR from one Erc20 wallet to another after 4pm (PST) on February 21st, or had/have BAR (acquired before 7pm on February 21st) still on an exchange address, please fill out the corresponding form below:

a)Due to our investigation, those who lost BAR purchases during ICO by providing an exchange address in lieu of a (required) Erc20 wallet address may now recover TBAR using this form.

b) Erc20 wallet to Erc20 wallet BAR transfer form. This form is necessary only for those who moved BAR from one wallet to another wallet (not an exchange) after 4pm PST, on February 21st.

c) Those with BAR token listed on an exchange address between 4pm and 7pm (PST) on February 21st must complete this form for verification before being issued TBAR at proportional ratio to the cost of BAR at 4pm (PST) on February 21st.


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