How To Claim Callisto CLO Coins – Ethereum Classic ETC CoinSwap Fork

How To Claim Callisto CLO from Ethereum Classic ETC Hard Fork

Step By Step Instructions to Claim Callisto CLO Coins After ETC CoinSwap. FREE CLO!

So you want to know how to claim the ETC hard forked Callisto ($CLO) coins that you are eligible to receive if you hold Ethereum Classic ($ETC) on or before block 5,500,000?  Everything you need to know and do is right here!

Actually it isn’t really a hard fork. Callisto will have its own blockchain .. a SIDE CHAIN to Ethereum Classic.

When will the fork happen?

You can check for the current block height.  According to calculations, the ETC fork will occur between the 2nd and the 5th of March 2018.

Ethereum Classic (ETC) holders will receive coins from a ‘snapshot’ fork called Callisto (CLO). The clone will be an exact copy of the ETC chain up until block 5,500,000. ETC holders will receive a 1:1 ratio of CLO coins.

Right now as I write this article, the Ethereum Classic Blockchain last block is 5440719. In addition, the present price of $36.94 is relatively inexpensive due to the moderately bearish market. I am not giving you financial advice, but if you want to participate, then this may be the prime time to purchase a bag of ETC.

What exchanges will support the fork?

No exchanges have announced an official stance on the Ethereum Classic / Callisto coin swap fork except for HitBTC. It really depends upon the exchange whether they will give them to you. So don’t take the chance! Transfer your ETC to a wallet where you own the private key!

Which wallets will support the fork?

Technically speaking no wallets ‘support’ANY forks. Your coins will ALWAYS be sitting on the blockchain waiting for you to find a way to get your private key and transfer them. NO PRIVATE KEY = YOU’RE OUT OF LUCK!

These three  wallets are guaranteed to issue the Callisto coins and you DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING!

MyEtherWallet(MEW) – it is not yet sure if the MEW developers will support Callisto. At this time, there is no official response but we don’t care!  The good news is that you can use your MEW account on ClassicEtherWallet!

Again, if you have your ETC in Exodus or any other wallet where YOU OWN the private key, you can always export the private keys and get your CLO. BUT, I will focus on ClassicEtherWallet. In this way, you won’t have to fret or deal with the private key approach and your free Callisto coins will automatically appear in your ClassicEtherWallet after the fork coin swap has occurred.

Every ETC account address that has ETC in its balance will receive the equivalent amount of CLO automatically when Callisto launches. You will just unlock your wallet and see your CLO are already here. No…for real… I am serious…

** Remember this: You do NOT store coins in wallets! I know it is hard to believe. Your coins are ALWAYS sitting in a blockchain! Those wonderful wallets we are using are just software created for people who aren’t technical to SEE what is on the blockchain and to perform transactions. Keeping your coins on exchanges is only risky because you do NOT own your wallets…. the exchanges owns the wallets. Don’t do that, please. NO PRIVATE KEYS = HELL ON EARTH FOR YOU!

How to Claim Callisto ($CLO) After the Ethereum Classic ($ETC) Coin Swap Fork

What is the Ethereum Classic CoinSwap Fork and Who is Callisto Network ?  (Continue Here)

Update 26April2018 – Claim Callisto CLO Coins ‎

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