Erisitca ICO Review

What is Eristica ICO About?

I am going to be frank with you. I follow John McAfee in twitter but many of you know I am NOT a sheeple and never follow anyone blindly. I do my homework. So I took a look at Eristica and their ICO.

First I laughed because it reminded me of those shows on television like Punk’d which first aired on MTV in 2003 and lasted til 2015. It was very popular indeed and a huge production money maker. Then I thought about Candid Camera which started on the radio and became a television show from 1948 and lasted into the 70s. Then it came back in 1996 and also in 2014. Audiences love the suspense, trainwrecks, pranks, challenges, and outrageous acts.

Then of course the Ice Water Challenges for a cause which proliferated social media and went super viral in the past years.

So now my interest is piqued and I am suddenly entertained.

So what is Eristica about and why an ICO?

Eristica is a:

Global Decentralized Platform of Personal and Mass Challenges on Smart Contracts

And as written in the Google Play Store … yes it is an Android and iOS app …

Eristica brings awesomeness into your life. By downloading this app you’ll get a full access to the most wicked/funny/insane videos from all around the world. Also you can make people do crazy stuff on a challenge, receive video proofs, and of course you can earn money on it

The CEO and Founder, Nikita Akimov, is a young man who is enthusiastic about this project. But what was really impressive was the calibur of their team. With the likes of John McAfee, Stan Larimer (founder of Bitshares, Steem, and EOS), William Bao Bean (General Partner at SOSV the Managing Director of Chinaccelerator, China’s first startup accelerator based in Shanghai and others.)

The Eristica project was started in 2014 when Nikita Akimov began working on the prototype. He put tother a team in his quest for making a mark in the challenges arena. In 2015, the first public version of the Eristica application became available for download on Google Play and iTunes. In August 2016, the project took part in the startup competition held by Winter Capital venture fund and the McKinsey & Company consulting company.

The Eristica team shared the first place with two other projects, winning the prize of $75,000. This was the first major recognition of the project.This is the same year that the project started growing in popularity reaching 500,000 users. At the beginning of 2017, the Eristica team focused on rapidly developing region of Southeast Asia and India which is known for high demand for local entertainment content.

Eristica is a revolutionary Peer 2 Peer (P2P) platform that drives participation in challenges and online competitions. The project was launched in 2015 and has already has more than 1.2 million users. The platform enables participants to launch and accept challenges, provide video footage of challenges completed and get ratings based on the results. Eristica users are also allowed to generate viral content with the videos of challenges getting millions of views on YouTube, and the winners becoming stars. The system of rating, reputation and ranking creates a powerful incentive for active participation.

Competitive incentive makes players fight for top places in the rating all for fame and prizes. With the help of blockchain technology, the Eristica project intends to overcome the obstacles faced by the industry and create a single ecosystem for both offline and online competitions. Tokenization of the platform’s economy will offer the opportunity to get a reward for winning challenges, receive virtual reward from successful predictions and buy access to all services of the platform. Eristica is a universal platform, where each member of the community benefits from the synergy created within the ecosystem.

Eristica ICO

Eristica Network Token(ERT)

The Eristica Token (ticker: ERT) is a vital part of the Eristica network. The ERT will enable users to participate in bets even with celebrities, get rewards for winning challenges, make money off successful predictions and buy access to platform’s services. The ERT also operates in decentralized governance which makes it possible for users to have an influence on solving disputable situations when voting for winners in a challenge.

Start ICO : December 7, 2017
End ICO : February 7, 2018

Total Token : 687.575.392 ERT
Price Token ERT : 1 ERT = $0.02 USD
Approved For Payment : BTС, BTS, ETH, LTC, BCH
Hard Cap: $10.000.000

How To Participate In ICO Eristica  –> CLICK HERE 

Token Allocations

  1. 70% of all tokens will be available for purchase within the ICO.
  2. 10% is reserved for the Eristica team. The tokens will be locked in a smart contract with a 24 month vesting period, and a 6-month cliff.
  3. 10% of the tokens will be transferred to Challenge Foundation for the development of the ecosystem of the platform.
  4. 10% will be a reserve for early investors, project advisors and bounty program.

Benefits For Token Eristica Users

Never before has the Bets and Challenges industry had such freedom as it has now in the times when blockchain technology is so popular. Users will thus get the freedom to monetize their talents, skills and abilities by winning in challenges. They will do so by participating in challenges with individuals, major brands and celebrities or making predictions on the winners of ongoing events. Moreover, Eristica will set a commision fee at 3% for all type of events. That will create a global minimum for Bets and Challenge industry.

ERT price is increasing on 03 Feb 2018 at 11:59pm CST up to $0.04 
ERT price is increasing on 05 Feb 2018 at 11:59pm CST up to $0.05

Eristica Token Sale ICO
Eristica Token Sale ICO

So click here to grab some tokens while you can! Only a few days left.

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