ConnectX ICO Review Blockchain Satellites Outer Space? ConnectX AirDrop

ConnectX Data Storage Satellites Outer Space

ConnectX ICO and Blockchain in Outer Space? Really?

They also have a massively huge incentive program where you can get FREE Connectx AirDrop Tokens.

But let us talk about ConnectX first.

ConnectX Data Storage Satellites Outer Space
ConnectX Data Storage Satellites Outer Space

What is ConnectX?

A Satellite-Based, private network that stores financial information and performs transactions which eliminates the use of the Internet and is built for the cryptocurrency community.

What? How Does It Work?

According to the ConnectX Whitepaper:

…ConnectX’s next generation transmission and storage technology that completely eliminates the use
of the Internet. This “Internet-less”, private network will be used by the cryptocurrency community to store valuable
information like digital wallets and transact all business in the digital realm. ConnectX is deploying a new network
for data storage, processing and transactions which is above government-level security. We will leverage the cost
reductions in the space industry to launch a constellation of small satellites in low earth orbit. This is the least
expensive way to deploy new infrastructure but also has other advantages such as lower operating costs and the
network cannot be physically accessed. This is the secure platform needed to support and protect sensitive data and
cryptocurrency transaction

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What Problem Is ConnectX Trying to Solve

Well aside from it sounding cool to store data in outer space, let us dive into the importance of such technology.

ConnectX went on to talk about the importance of data storage and prevention of data breaches as well as privacy concerns. We all can relate to that.

The question you may pose now is “What is so wrong with storing our data in the cloud?”

Well, Lance Parker, CEO, Founder of ConnectXwrote:

In cloud computing, users and customers do not have control over their personal data or the ability to audit or change the processes and policies that affect them. The server and data you are accessing belonging to YOU could be in another state or country under their legal and jurisdictional control.In July of 2017, $32 million worth of digital currency was stolen by hackers who gained access to a website where the digital currency owner was buying and selling Ether (Ethereum’s digital currency)

ConnectX’s Lance Parker also addressed the decentralized storage approach such as Siacoin, MaidSafe, Filecoin, and Storj. There are many businesses and individuals who won’t feel comfortable storing their valuable data on a network of personal computers owned by people in the network.

He pointed out other instances of which we are aware so I won’t go any further.  Read the ConnectX whitepaper.

At this time, I start to GET IT!

So why store the data in the outer space? Isn’t this new territory?
Well actually … no.

This is something that is already being done. Satellites are computers that process information, store, transmit and receive data to and from earth. ConnectX is leveraging smaller, less expensive satellites to deploy new infrastructure that is more secure and less expensive. However, there are technology challenges to overcome. Should a galactic event occur (like a solar flare) or a satellite becomes inoperable, the ConnectX system needs to be able to recover so that no data is lost and communication is not interrupted. ConnectX has intellectual property on how the system geospatially distributes and replicates information in the satellite constellation to prevent this from occurring. A ConnectX team member was the inventor and architect of the first satellite mesh network for the U.S. Army. He has designed the system to be self-healing, messages are rerouted during communication failures and nodes automatically replicate and distribute data should there be issues. A secondary group of satellites flying at a higher orbital altitude will provide another data backup. These backup satellite nodes will also fly in to position to replace inoperable satellites in the main constellation

I won’t copy the complete ConnectX white paper here, you can find it on the ConnectX website. I learned a lot and found it interesting reading.

Lance Parker didn’t just awaken one morning and say “Shucks! I need to start a satellite-based data storage solution ICO”. The work began in 2010. And Lance was actually written about in Fortune back in 2015.

The 3 Major take-away Points were:

  1. Less Cost
  2. More Security
  3. Global Accessibility

ConnectX Initial Coin Offering

26January2018 – 31March2018

  • Phase 1: 48,000,000 coins at .15 – .27 cents per coin = $7.2M (in progress now)
  • Phase 2: 42,000,000 coins at .31 – .87 cents per coin = $13.02M
  • Phase 3: 20,000,000 coins at $1.00 – $1.80 per coin = $20M
  • Phase 4: 90,000,000 coins at $2.00 per coin = $180M

200,000,000 coins sold for $220M to complete the 4 phases.
Total of 2,000,000,000 ConnectX Coins minted.
10% to investors
70% will be used for the network, community incentives, and tokenomics, etc.
20% to stakeholders and managers of product divisions.

They also have package deals where you can actually receive ConnectX Powerstations and ConnectX Hubs!

I know … I know … only 10% of the coins will be in the ICO. You will not find me reviewing an ICO with such a low percentage unless there is a reason for my madness.

ConnectX is giving out a massive amount of incentives as you can see below.  In addition, their ecosystem requires a huge amount of tokens. These tokens can be exchanged via a mobile app which is part of the system.

Incentive Program

  • 25 ConnectX tokens for registering for and attending the ConnectX webinar and showing up on time. (value $50)
  • 25 ConnectX tokens for sharing your webinar link and getting a friend to attend. (value $50)
  • 25 ConnectX tokens for joining the TELEGRAM channel (@ConnectX) (value $50)
  • 500 ConnectX coins for getting 10+ people to attend the next webinar.  (value $1000)
  • 1000 ConnectX coins for getting 50+ people to attend the next webinar. (value $2000)
  • There are more incentives!

Sign Up Here for Webinar And Get 25 ConnectX Tokens worth 50$ FREE!

Be sure to click on confirmation email and attend the ConnectX webinar!

Instructions for the getting more ConnectX tokens which are massive will be emailed to you after you confirm your email.

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