BnkOfTheFuture ICO Review

What is BnkOfTheFuture and Why Review It?

In 2010 BnkOfTheFuture incorporated in the UK as one of the first Online Investment Platforms for private equity in the world.

In 2011 Simon Dixon, CEO BnkToTheFuture, speaks at the first BitCoin conference in the world in Europe.

In 2012 Simon Dixon’s book ‘Bank To The Future’ launched that may have been the first published book to include the topic of BitCoin.

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In 2013, BnkOfTheFuture have co-invested and listed opportunities with many of the largest venture capitalists in the world. They started investing in some of the first Token Sales in the world including Mastercoin, Storj, MaidSafe and Ethereum, Banking, Escrow & Card processing relationships secured.

BnkofTheFuture Co-investments and Listing
BnkofTheFuture Co-investments and Listing

In 2016 Bnk To The Future Capital syndicates investments in many of the top Bitcoin and Blockchain companies eventually reaching over $200m invested in funding rounds listed on Our Online Investment Platform with over 45.000 qualifying high net worth FinTech investors.

In 2017, BnkToTheFuture acquired stakes and partnered with SEC / FINRA registered Broker Dealer and Alternative Trading System (ATS) with the goal of allowing for the compliant trading of secondary market private securities. Clearing House partner secured. Secondary market technology developed. BFT private pre-sale launched.

As you can see, they are not green behind the ears and making promises they can’t keep. They are indeed in the industry AND most importantly are compliant and very well aware of the regulatory and compliance parameters surrounding investments AND cryptocurrencies.

BnkofTheFuture’s Token is named BFT. They are in the FinTech, Bitcoin & Blockchain Investing arenas.

BnkToTheFuture BFT is a Financial Technology entity that provides its customers with alternative financial products. Their online investment platform allows qualified and accredited investors to determine what financial instruments are right for them according to their goals.

Today you can invest in top deals with experts in the field on a secure platform. BnkOfTheFuture provides customers with full-service investment opportunities while at the same time being a no-fee platform. This is unheard of in the industry.

BnkofTheFuture is not a new guy on the block. They have years of success and have built a strong portfolio and syndicated some of the most valuable companies in the Bitcoin, Blockchain & FinTech sector including the following:

BnkOfTheFuture portfolio
BnkOfTheFuture portfolio

Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines attest to their accumen and value of their company in the cryptocurrency space.

Sir Richard Branson BnkOfTheFuture BFT Token
Sir Richard Branson BnkOfTheFuture BFT Token

Now with the BnkofTheFuture ICO introducing the BF Token (BFT) in 2018, many of its customers will be able to use this utility token within its robust ecosystem.

The goal of the BF Token is to use a community of incentivized token holders to help us create a fairer, more transparent and efficient marketplace for Fintech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies on, who are rewarded by the value of their participation whilst achieving the goal of creating a more transparent market. The BF token acts as a membership and rewards token that unlocks certain parts of our platform and gives VIP access to token holders but without access to the investment part of our platform and having to meet the requirements of a qualifying professional investor

Our promise to the community is that every single person will pay the same price for BFT in both the pre and public sale.

No unfair bonuses, no discounts and no back-hand deals – just one price for both our presale purchasers and those that purchase the tokens in the public sale.

The presale, open to both US and non-US residents, requires you to be a full qualifying member of with a verified account on our platform (qualification varies depending on your country of residence), but if you don’t qualify as a member, the public sale will be available to 3,000 non-US resident purchasers.

The tokens are $0.10 per token, but we are restricting public sale participants to purchases of $1,000 per person so we can have a larger community using the token and ensure they are being used to build the community.

The demand has already been far greater than we can accomodate so please conduct your research ahead of the dates below – we are unable to accommodate all that wish to purchase.

Here is a summary of the key dates:

Pre-sale started on Tuesday, 5th of December 2017.

Pre-sale ends on Thursday, 1st of February 2018 latest.

Public Sale whitelisting starts on Tuesday, 6th of February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

Public Sale whitelisting ends on Tuesday, 13th of February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

Public Purchase Date for whitelisted purchasers only will be on Friday 16th February 2018, 10:00pm UTC

Tokens will only be issued after completing KYC, becoming whitelisted and sending ETH successfully.

BFT will be transferable on Tuesday, 6th of March 2018, 10:00pm UTC

To participate in their ICO and learn more about them and their semi-decentralized banking and financial system , go to . On 06February2018, the Public ICO will be in full swing.

Let me repeat that United States citizens and residents are NOT allowed to participate in the Public ICO.

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