Roger Ver on CNBC FAst Money Interview – Are You Kidding Me?

Roger Ver CNBC FAst Money Interview Bitcoin Cash

Roger Ver on CNBC FAst Money Interview – Are You Kidding Me?

Did you hear Roger Ver on CNBC Money news show?

Watch the first video on the website below (AFTER you watch the commercial)

Roger Ver????!! Aaarrggh.. He set cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin back 5 years re: the masses. He expressed that he is pessimistic about BTC’s future. All he wanted to do was talk about BitcoinCash (Bcash – BCH).

I was embarassed for our industry and for all of the advocates and evangelists working hard to get cryptocurrency ingrained into our communities, our society, our cities, states and countries.

I would like the thought leader and my mentor, Anton Antonopoulos and Charlie Lee ,developer of Litecoin to speak on the industry’s behalf.

Roger Ver is a smart guy. He knows about Bitcoin, the scaling issues, etc. He also knows marketing and any chance he gets to promote his pet project, he will. BitcoinCash this … BitcoinCash that …

To go on national television and make bold statments like

1. I am pessimistic about Bitcoin
2. It cost tens of dollars and even hundreds of dollars to conduct BTC transactions and you may not get your BTC for days or even weeks
3. He has exchanged MOST of his BTC for BCH.

First of all, Roger Ver just said 1-2 weeks ago on a youtube interview with John Carvahlo that he would be silly to divest of BTC because he believes in portfolio diversification. So which is the truth Roger?

Here is the video where Roger Ver spoke upon this.

I am not in denial. Yes the blockchain is congested and the fees have indeed increased a lot. But the only reason BCash (BitcoinCash) fees aren’t high at this time and its blockchain isn’t congested is because it is too new to compare. He knows this. Roger Ver will do anything to say that he toppled Bitcoin and made BCash (BitcoinCash) the number one cryptocurrency. That is just how his narcissism and ego roll these days.

We need more level heads and those with no underlying ulterior motives to speak on behalf of the industry. Andreas? Charlie?

Until Next Time …

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