How To Buy Steneum During ICO

Steneum ICO

Steneum is now online. You are able to log in through this site.
ICO starts on
5th December 2017 at 00.01 UTC+7 (Jakarta).
Please also check on the Countdown timer.

If doesn’t work for you,
Please clear cache and then restart your browser.

If you still cannot access, after clear the cache from beginning of time, then please use google dns:

Please delete cache again and restart your browser. is a backup website when is being down.

Registering new member will available after the first round ended or when there is a new official announcement.

Steneum Team


On 5 Dec 12 am UTC+7

1. Fill in the purchase form based on specified amount and limit
2. Invoice will be made for you and waiting for payment
3. Do not worry, while waiting for the payment, the coin will be held for you
4. After the payment , coin will go into your account
5. Invoices will be expired if we do not receive payment for 12 hours
6. The coin in expired invoice will be return to ico market

Do not worry about payment.

* Minimum BUY 50 STN and Maximum BUY 500 STN per transaction.
* Maximum Buy 5,000 STN Per Day.
* Maximum Buy 50,000 STN Per Account.
* Referral in the ICO program will automatically become a referral in exchange
* After round 1 : the STN token can be transfered from account to another account.
* Deposit address will be shown after you place the order.