Electroneum Has Launched! Transfer ETN to Cryptopia. It’s HOT!

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Electroneum Has Launched! Folks are Transferring ETNs to Cryptopia Like It is HotCakes!

The day has finally arrived! Electroneum is LIVE and Cryptopia is doing everything to keep up with the buying and selling frenzy.

I have over 350000 ETNs and about a month ago, I purchased 20000 for dirt cheap and sold those.

I also purchased 23000 ETNs this morning and sold them just for schitz and giggles.

My plan is to sell 100000 and HODL 260000 for the years to come. I am putting a lot of faith in Richard Ells and his Electroneum team. I believe Electroneum is going to be a hot ticket in the coming years.


Here is a video showing you how to get into your Electroneum backoffice to see your wallet with your ETNs and how to go through the process.  I also demonstrate how to transfer your ETNs to Cryptopia.

Many of you are not thinking straight if you thought the price would be $20 or $5 or even $1. Start doing your homework! My goal is to teach but obviously some of you haven’t been listening. Click on my Facebook group below and join us to get some cryptocurrency and blockchain knowledge. We have a wonderful time!

Right now as I type, Electroneum has the highest volume increase on Cryptopia. As a matter of fact, as you can see in the image below, there is over 400 Bitcoins in buy orders! WOW! That is almost $7million! Crazy, Right!

Cryptopia Electroneum ETN Buy Orders
Cryptopia Electroneum ETN Buy Orders

You will also see that dumpers are in full force as well. The power miners and the ETN holders are selling at 10cents, 8cents, 6 cents. Not understanding that they hold the leverage and can drive the price up because the buyers are there!

Well that’s okay too because many of them purchased at 1 cents and are getting 10x to 6x their money back. Marvelous.

I will wait for the hoopla to die down and sensible minds come to the table. Then it is party time.


Thank you Richard Ells and the Electroneum team for delivering on your promise.

The Mobile wallet works like a charm. Now get that Mobile miner online!


Until Next Time …

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