Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy and Rules

CryptoCurrency Trading Rules and Strategies

Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy and Rules

1. Never catch a plane that has already left the tarmac.

2. Never trade on emotions.

3. Always use your stoploss and adjust it once you’re in the profit zone. Scale out and take profit. (To scale out (or scaling outmeans to get out of a position (e.g., to sell) in increments as the price climbs.

4. Do your own research.  Use signals but be sure to double check them!

5. Always Buy the rumors and sell BEFORE the news!

6. Don’t buy at an all time high (ATH).

7. Don’t do pump and dumps. Enticing proposition but you WILL lose!

8. Avoid selling at a loss – HODL  (depends on stop loss of course)

9. Always get more bitcoin for long term HODL’ing (HODL = Hold On for Dear Life or Hold).

10. At times the market will play against you. Don’t try to make it work. Tomorrow is another day.

11. Fundamental analysis overrides Technical analysis – respect the news. But the QueenWiki Pork Chop Effect (PCE) trumps them all.

12. Never risk more than 20% of the total portfolio value on one trade


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