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Electroneum Update: Strong Password Generator – Don’t Get Got!

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Log in problems / Wallet Launch

Hi all,

There have been a number of security incidents on other websites in the past, unrelated to Electroneum (including, but not limited to, DropBox, Yahoo, Adobe, Last.FM, Tumbler, LinkedIN, Ebay etc.).

Electroneum has not been directly affected by these incidents but we’ve detected that quite a number of our users accounts are at risk as they may have been using the same email addresses and passwords in more than one place.

To secure your Electroneum account, we are going to be requiring everyone to reset their password in the next day or so (we will inform you when) before we make the wallet system live.

To re-iterate our system has NOT been compromised. (Edited by QueenWiki: Breathe Deeply … Now Smile and Calm Yourself…)

In advance of this, everybody should ensure that the email address that they have used to register an Electroneum account with is SECURE. This means you should really change your email address password (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.) to something VERY secure. Please use the links below for some password generator sites that will make you a secure password.

Your Email account password SHOULD NOT be used anywhere else.

The safety of your ETN coins is entirely reliant on ensuring your primary email account is secure before we ask you to change your Electroneum password.

We are aware that people are experiencing login problems with their PIN number, this issue will be resolved when we ask everyone to reset their primary password.

Please ensure your email account password is highly secure. Use one of the following websites to generate a very secure password.

Again, we are very sorry for the delay in activating our service, we feel it is important to make every effort to ensure our users are protected from the inevitable attempts to compromise their accounts.