Starbit WalkyBit Centurion Cryptocurrency Mobile App Like Electroneum

Starbit WalkyBit

Starbit WalkyBit Centurion Cryptocurrency Mobile App Like Electroneum

Back in September/October2017, I was introduced to the WalkyBit Mobile App developed by . Starbit is an Italian company based in Dubai.

This excerpt was taken from the Starbit website:

What we’re creating is a new way for everybody to participate to the “side margin” opportunity. As Henry Ford said, we believe that “There is real progress only when the advantages of a new technology become for all.”.

To the state of the art of today, and new technologies, human knowledge and experience,the progress should include all. We believe in something simple: everyone should have the freedom,the ability, the opportunity to make money. In spite of our ideas, inequality around theworld continues to grow: real progress has not occurred on the scale that we all deserve. Our App is meant to convert your steps in crypto currency: a step is a step, wherever in the world, if you are black or yellow or white, man or woman, no matter who you are, or where you live.


With just a smartphone and human energy power  generated by movements, such as walking or jogging, customers will accumulate walking energy power shares (weps)  that every 10 minutes will be converted into Centurion coins (CNT).

With the WalkyBit Mobile App anyone who walks will receive Centurion Cryptocoin rewards . All of this happens in real-time. As you can see in the video above, the mobile app is a walk in the park to use (pun intended).

You can show your results to friends and colleagues while at the same time introduce the world of cryptocurrency in such a simplistic manner.

Starbit‘s goal is CRYPTOCURRENCY MASS ADOPTION  while at the same time eliminating the need for the average person to be concerned about the technical aspects of Crytocurrency.

When I saw the Electroneum ICO advertised, it raised my curiousity. I devoured the white paper and realized that yes … Electroneum was another CRYPTOCURRENCY MASS ADOPTION PLAY !

Click  here to see the demo of  Electroneum Mobile Mining and Wallet App  where users can store their ETN coins as well as mine in the background on their mobile wallet.

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