Starbit WalkyBit Centurion Cryptocurrency HARD FORK. URGENT!

Centurion Future Cryptocurrency Coin Token

Starbit WalkyBit Centurion Cryptocurrency HARD FORK – URGENT!

Centurion Coin (CNT) Devs released an announcement about interesting changes.

Since Centurion is the Third-Party coin that Starbit actually uses for any in/out payment, we consider it useful to summarize below, the section of information that may be of interest for you:

Centurion coin will undergo a very important “fork” at Block 738,000 (presumably Wednesday, 22/11/2017 between 10 am and 3 pm Amsterdam / Paris / Rome).

This fork will mean a change in the algorithm that will change from X11 to a “boosted” Equihash algo, with many unheard-of enhancements and modern technology.

For technical and security reasons, developers advise not to transact or purchase Cnt coins on any exchangers, either directly or through any trading robot, from the evening of day 21/11/2017 and up to throughout the day of 22/11/2017.

They also recommend backing up your wallet and moving the coins into the physical wallet that is currently downloadable from

To track fork updates and properly execute all the necessary steps, please visit their official communications page on Twitter

Note: Rome is 6 hours ahead of EST. So at 10am Rome Time, it is 4pm EST; At 3pm Rome Time, it is 9:00pm EST


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