Electroneum Whiners Club and QueenWiki’s Rebuttal

whiners and complainers

Okay Members of the Whiners Club … Here is my Rebuttal

There are some folks on the Electroneum facebook page whining about the wallets not being ready or the mobile app wallet not being released yet/ They are complaining that they had to wait a whopping 24 hours and the launch was a bust since it is a day late. WAAH WE WANT OUR ELECTRONEUMS ETN. The World is coming to an end because this thing should have been perfect on Day 1. WAAAH!

One young (or old) man wrote that he has NEVER seen an ICO that went oh so wrong?

My first reaction was a gut wrenching big arse laughing fit.

Then I calmed down and wrote a rebuttal to the Electroneum Whiners Club.

Here it is in its entirety and modified to include much more details and supporting evidence so many can see how unnecessary and trivial their reactions are.
Well maybe you are right about what you have SEEN. .. But I have seen MANY ICOs.

There was one that raised over $100M and appeared to have potential. They had great marketing but didn’t roll out anything. Then the owners started fighting one another for a piece of the stake. Then one took the other to court. And right now today, not only are they facing a $230million class action lawsuit but a ‘rumoured’ SEC probe. Who are they? TEZOS.

Look it up.

How about when Coindash got hacked during their ICO and thieves took $10million. I have more than 30 more of cases such as this. Yes I follow ICOs and research them and eat their white papers for lunch.

How about us go a little closer to home to many people here. Remember Bitconnect’s Launch? of course not. And now BCC is over $200. The folks who understand risk and business stayed the course and prospered. They know what it means when one says “AGAINST ALL ODDS … STAY THE COURSE!”

There were many disgruntled people who couldn’t believe Bitconnect was not perfect and those same folks walked away from the deal. Well time for a “kick myself in the neck for being a dimwit”.

Remember one of the original Microsoft guys who decided to bow out of the deal?? Need I say more? But I digress… that wasn’t an ICO.

How about something more recent. Regalcoin. Everything going great until post-launch. Then suddenly for weeks on end, they were (maybe still are) upgrading the server, members locked out, folks can’t lend, youtube videos about leaders wanting to commit serious mutiny. One guy wanted to sell his account for a half a million dollars.

How about one more recent… Hextracoin. Folks trying to buy and getting crashed out because in their infinite wisdom they wanted to release 300000 coins per day at like 2pm in the afternoon. The coins sold out in 2-15 minutes every day. The first 3 days it was an adrenalin rush for many. Now people are just plain pissed at spending hundreds of hours of their lives trying to get into a 2 minute window of buying during the past month.

Oh yeah they never listed on any public exchange, launched their internal exchange, and the members received timeout erros when trying to buy/sell HXT. OUCH! Oh yeah.. they are under maintenance now til 09 November.

So ya think Electroneum 01nov launch sucked even though today is just 02Nov? There is no MAJOR catastrophe, ladies and gentlemen.

The only thing I am truly shocked about is how some people believe that this stuff is easy to roll out, execute and implement and that quite possibly they can do better. Wake me when you roll out one. I’d love to be on the sidelines watching. I’ll try not to snicker.

GREAT VDIEO from a Fellow Electroneum Holder

Shucks! On a good day, I have more unexpected drama in my life than Electroneum being late 1 day in rolling out their mobile app and wallet by 1 lousy day.

I was staking Embercoin (don’t laugh) on a Windows Azure server via my VM instance and it wouldn’t give me any connections. Now I don’t have time for this. I have 2 ICOs to prepare for (binarycoin and Electroneum). And I had to do some videos which I still haven’t gotten around to and it is 10:47pm CST! So after hours of mucking around with the Embercoin client wallet, I finally got it to work by mucking with opening and closing ports. It started running I am excited. Too premature. It crashes every 30 freakin minutes and I have about 500million stakes waiting to pop! Not a good day. Finally I said forget Microsoft Azure, just run the wallet client on my raggedy laptop. Works like a charm … 9 hours later.

My hair grows too darn fast but I guess it is better than other alternatives. My daughter wants to talk to my Mother for 45 minutes about her hair and my Mother put her on the phone with me. GREAT! I love her but hair? Litecoin is falling in price and Bitcoin is going up so that means I have to write 10 posts today along with my 20 posts about Electroneum while one of my computers fan is running fast because of mining. My appetite is out of whack and I don’t even like that since I am a foodie so I have to deal with THAT thing. 70 out of almost 3000 facebook group members contacts me so I can give them a one on one update of electroneum and other deals as if going to the group isn’t good enough for them. Maybe they like the sound of me typing 90wpm “Go to the group”. And … I got an unexpected phone call… well never mind.

You get my point.

A delayed launch ain’t nothing in the whole scheme of things. Just LOOK AT YOUR LIFE! And manage y’all expectations. Y’all ain’t getting wealthy over night any way.


Now back to checking on my wallet and really not happy that xGOx forked AND they are promoting JOY and then they created GToken! Dang! Cant they keep life simple.

So tell me about your freakin day, already. A late ICO Launch? Give me a break!

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