Electroneum Launch Day Update


Electroneum Launch Day UPDATE!

We are just rolling out global access to the Electroneum blockchain.

If you have been on our 22k+ Telegram group (the largest Telegram group in the world, by the way) you’d have seen that there are a HUGE number of Electroneum users reporting problems with 2FA (two factor authentication).
So many people have reported that their 2FA recovery email is not recognised by them. We have spent this entire afternoon / evening investigating this and we’ve made an important discovery.
The Electroneum servers are not compromised – but there are literally HUNDREDS of USER accounts that appear to have been accessed by a third party hacking group.
We checked our logs and these people are using a botnet (different IPs) to try KNOWN email address / password combinations that have been hacked from other websites in the past.
Please check YOUR email at the following website : https://haveibeenpwned.com/. It is essential that you have a strong password for Electroneum.
We have come to the conclusion that we cannot open access to the wallet tools and risk allowing hundreds of users to potentially lose their Electroneum.
We have a plan to introduce some code to ask people that have contributed to unlock their account and set a strong password. The only way we can be assured that we are dealing with the rightful owner of the account is to write some code that allows you to prove who you are to us. We will announce this system later tonight, and try and get it coded tomorrow.
I am very sorry to be announcing this, PLEASE do not worry about this. We know there is bound to be unhappy people – but we feel we can’t allow hackers to profit, because we are sticking to a rigid timeline.
We will be imminently announcing the launch of:
1.Blockchain source code and binaries
2.Blockchain explorer
3.Miner software
4.Global Seed Servers
5.Global Pool Servers
All this will be coming out in minutes!
** I will be making more updates over the next hour! **
Richard Ells, CEO
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