Electroneum Hires Jargon PR for Branding and Marketing

Electroneum Hires Jargon PR for Branding and Marketing

Exciting news! We have appointed to work with . Lots of good things to come, lots of meetings, looks like the coming weeks will be exciting all-round. Feel free to check out Jargon’s page here;

Jargon PR


An award winning, boutique agency delivering UK and international campaigns for B2B technology businesses.

Electroneum Hires Jargon PR for Branding
Electroneum Hires Jargon PR for Branding

They are charged with Public Relations (PR), Marketing and Branding of the Electroneum brand.

This is exciting news!

Because Electroneum needs the expertise of a great marketing and PR company.

We all are aware that because of the security breach, the coin distribution from the ICO was delayed more than a month. Electroneum acted swiftly, their internal technology staff worked with Amazon engineers to revamp the technology infrastructure. We’re talking tens of thousands lines of code had to be revamped, unit tested, integrated tested until they got it right.

Then they turned it over to one of the BEST Security Companies on the planet, HackerOne.


Powered by the intelligence of trusted security researchers and ethical hackers from around the world, HackerOne solutions are designed to help companies and government agencies discover critical security vulnerabilities before they can be criminally exploited.

Electroneum Hires HackerOne for Security and Penetration Testing
Electroneum Hires HackerOne for Security and Penetration Testing

HackerOne’s customers include:  General Motors, Lufthansa, StarBucks, Uber, Spotify, AirBnB and more top notch companies.

We’re almost there fellow Electroneum holders!  Right now even with today being a market red day … yes I know … altcoins are bleeding today … Electroneum is moving and has gained 10.36%% over a 24 hour period to over 4cents which is more than 4 times most of us paid for the coins!

We are getting excited about what the future holds … the patient, confident, and steady ones always win the race!

Electroneum Price November 30 2017
Electroneum Price November 30 2017

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