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Dash, BitcoinCash, BitcoinGold, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ether Dancing Under the Moonlight?

Boy oh Boy! What a weekend, eh?
Bitcoin Cash: Anyone who went for that pump and dump and didn’t know what they were doing, got HURT. I watched them as confusion engulfed my rational senses. It went from $600 to $900. Then I got a clue. The fight has begun. Segwit2x hard fork was the ploy. NOW FAME ON!
Then they jammed up to $1200 and all the way up to over $2440. At the same time, the boys and girls(??) were sending tiny and empty transactions to the Bitcoin network to bog it down. Yes! They spammed the Bitcoin Network. I wish they could all just sat down and git along!
I dumped my remaining BCH stash at $2400. Then that baby plummeted like a raft on the white waters all the way down to $2000, then $1500. Now right now it is $1210.
So if you bought BCH at $1500 or $2400, I offer my sincerest condolences. 
For the other market watchers and traders who stole the show at $600 and dumped as quickly as the whales dumped, I give you my congratulations!
Moral of the story: Don’t play with the Market Manipulators and Whales! They Will Eat YOU AND YOUR LUNCH!
The blah blah blah bloggers and video -tubers and their “The Bitcoin sky is falling” doom and gloom predictions …. Yawwwnnn… Bitcoin took a hit. Welcome to the real world. Miners redirected their hash power at BitcoinCash. Wouldn’t you if it was more profitable to mine BCH? Duhhh…
The question was: How sustainable is it? Well this morning we already see BCH at $1209. 
I haven’t done any analysis, but yesterday/last night, I was pinged and saw DASH take a flying run up a party hill! It went up up up to around $520. I moved in, Sold just a little DASH to buy MORE BITCOINS!
Bitcoin dug its way out of a below $6000 smackdown and is now over $6600 and increasing as I write.
Now DASH is trying to chug chug up the hill at $417 which is a helluva great place to be.
Dash Developers will be introducing a whole bag of new goodies in their code-base. I will put that on my list of cutting edge advancements to write about. Stay tuned!
I dumped Ether a long time ago but went back in at low tide. She is holding her own but I have no intention of building a nest egg there. Just a personal choice. Yes I make personal choices at times… <chuckle>
My “go to” cryptocurrency, Litecoin is stable as a new relationship before the honeymoon. All happy happy with no problems on the horizon. I see upward trends albeit slowly. … bottoming at low 50’s and hitting resistance around $62. I believe it will undergo a new test and then will start another upward run.
In my opinion Litecoin (LTC) is severely undervalued. It is not likely to undergo hostile hard fork takeover attempts as Bitcoin will continue to experience.
Litecoin has a very active independent community, which shows no signs of dying on the vine. Litecoin’s  developer, Charlie Lee is always active and is an early adopter of consistent upgrade proposals such as Segregated Witness (SegWit) and Ligntning Network.  And the Litecoin (LTC)  blockchain is faster than lightning. Don’t blink!
Then there is BitcoinGold. They got off to a rocky cheating start yesterday. But I forgave them. I mined all night to awaken to read their tweet that the chain got split over night because of little baby orphans running around half naked. LOL! So now IF I made any BTGs, the OFFICIAL pool owners want me to complete a darn form. Well how the heck do I know if I got screwed?? I was ASLEEP! Shucks! That one day I decided to sleep and this happened … Go figure.
Turned off my mining software. My GPUs can find friendlier waters elsewhere.
Where are my raft oars? I lost them! Oh nooooo!
Until next time, my friends, colleagues, and fans! Let the volatile times ROLL!

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