Trevon James, Bitconnect Top Dog Says No to Electroneum

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Trevon James, Bitconnect Top Dog in youtube says that he doesn’t do ICOs and that he doesn’t believe that Electroneum will surpass 1 cents. He believes that it is over priced at 1 cents and that Electroneum’s success is only due to their 5% referral program.

Say What??? Scratching the Heck out of my Head Til It Bleeds…

Here is my response:

Trevon James, You pushed people into Embercoin. I am staking on 100million EMBs and getting a reward is like burying loose changes in my yard, pissing on it and waiting for a money tree to sprout. Thanks for that recommendation. LOL!

But you find a REAL business with a REAL executive management team and a REAL product with REAL support, with MASS ADOPTION potential and you say you are not getting involved. It is okay. That is your opinion.

Sir with all due respect, you are just a guy with an opinion and I am a babe with an opinion. Electroneum is 1cents a coin and their ICO has raised $31million thus far.

The industry pundits support of this ICO is stellar. My only hope is that people don’t listen to you or I when making a decision about their investment. They need to perform their own due diligence and make their own adult decisions as to what they choose to get involved with.

You are saying that the hype around Electroneum is due to the referral program. You are a strong advocate of Bitconnect. You are one who probably have a referral base larger than the freakin moon. So since when have you been anti-hype-due-to-referrals?

I strongly believe that Bitconnect’s success is highly due to its referral program rather than its lending program or merits of the coin. This you must agree upon.

So your argument is in contradiction with your strong support of Bitconnect. You believe Electroneum ETNs at 1cents is over-valued? Really? Do you believe Bitconnect’s BCC at $200 is on point? BCC is not backed by anything but a non-transparent trading bot, lending platform, and referral component. Come on now!

You have to be consistent with your analysis. If it is good for the goose then why not for the gander. The coins that you are comparing ETN with are coins which are NOT consumer based. They are NOT product-based. So you are comparing apples to shoelaces. XRP is not meant for consumers. It is meant for financial institutions and payment gateways. It is used as GAS to drive the transactions through the gateways.

You mentioned Stellar (XLM/STR), XEM(NEM), DGB all of which I own and they have their own merits. BUT … they are not even in the consumer space in terms of their white papers and business model. So they are not to be compared based upon market capitalization and coin price. So your video showing coin price vs. market cap is irrelevant.

You are saying that they are “… asking for 1 cents and haven’t proven themselves”, may I ask you to go back to the beginning of BCC. They had not proven anything and they were $5. They are $200 now and still has no transparency nor REAL consumer-based product. All they have is a lending platform where YOU lend money to some mysterious bot with ZERO trading “transparency” based upon the volatility of Bitcoin. Really? I’m not knocking BCC. Whatever floats your boat. You’ve probably made millions in BCC and I congratulate you in your success. Shucks! Those referrals you have contributed tremendously to your success, my friend.

But without the viral component of BCC, it would be valued at 1 cents itself.

MASS ADOPTION is what has been elusive in this industry. Now Electroneum as well as Bitqy as well as Starbits and their Walky Bits mobile mining application are forging the way into the consumer space.

This is what the industry needs.

Now … You backed Embercoin and they have nothing to offer … yet your followers including myself purchased EMBs on your advice. And where are they now? How’s your EMBs treating you? Well maybe YOU sold them at a high and profited. But the other people are sitting on a big ol loss bag.  They are bag holders, baby! Come on now! Let us be real. Let us be ethical in our recommendations. Let us be consistent in our analysis.

The right approach is to present Electroneum to your followers, share the FACTS with them, talk about why you are not getting engaged, then implore them to make their own decision. Talk about the history of BCC and how it was worth nothing as a shitcoin in the early days and have come up big time due to massive viral promotions!

Shucks! Electroneum is only 1 cents a coin. Many of your followers ain’t making anything in any deal including Bitconnect. So what is wrong with them gambling one more time by purchasing 1000 ETNs for $10 or 10000 ETNs for $100? I guess you want them to put that $100 into BCC on your team instead.

I take responsibility for all of my investment decisions. So I am not blaming you for Embercoins fall from grace. LOL!

You need to learn about Electroneum and sign up TODAY!

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I do love following your rants and your coinz count youtube videos.

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