How To Trade CryptoCurrency For Profits – Real Live Trades

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What? CryptoQueenWiki is going to show How To Trade CryptoCurrency For Profits – Real Live Trades?

Many ‘experts’ talk about technical analysis when it comes to trading. But the complexity therein leaves the lay person dazed and confused. With terms such as overbought, oversold, Relative Strength Index (RSI), support and resistance … it is enough for the masses to run while tearing out their hair. Faith Sloan, Crypto QueenWiki shares her live trades, Burst Coin and DigiByte (DGB) in a straight forward simple manner. She uses what she has coined the PorkChop Effect (PCE). Even though she doesn’t go into detail about PCE, she does simplify her trading strategy where even the novice can start trading today.

The lighting in the video isn’t the best but stay tuned for more and more videos that will actually increase YOUR knowledge in the cryptocurrency space!

Faith Sloan, Crypto Queen Wiki