Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrency Works

Bitcoin: How Cryptocurrency Works

There are many youtube videos, blog postings, articles, discussion forums, etc about What is Bitcoin or How Cryptocurrency Works.

So rather than create yet another video, I thought I’d just link to 2 of my favorite videos by some pretty smart people who know how to take a complex topic and simplify it.

So enjoy this video about How Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency works.

Let me digress and tell you that just this week alone, China has banned Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs. ICOs Allow cryptocurrencies/tokens to be listed on the public cryptocurrency exchanges. This is equivalent to Initial Public Offerings IPOs that allow companies to be listed on the stock exchanges. And Russia’s central bank has issued a new statement on the risks of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs). Our Slave Masters ain’t liking our freedom one bit. They ain’t liking the fact that we do NOT need them acting as money grubbing middlemen!

This documentary is POWERFUL! It talks about “WHY BITCOIN” and How the Central Banks Are Very Afraid.

Faith Sloan, CryptoQueenWiki, Serial Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency Educator

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