Life, Binary, Merkle Trees, Cryptography, and MLM

Merkle Tree - Binary Tree - Hash Tree

Life, Binary, Merkle Trees, Cryptography, & MLM

As I sit here at 3:45am studying multiple cryptocurrencies and their unique implementations of the BlockChain, it dawned upon me that everything I am learning, I already knew!

Did you know that Everything in Life is Based Upon the Binary, Hash Trees / Merkle Trees, and even MLM and Cryptography?

Did y’all know that the BINARY was NOT created by MLM developers? I tell ya. Network marketers believe they created the world and every system in existence today. I say that with love.

Shucks! Even back in the day, God told Noah to get 2 of each and get their butts on that Ark. LOL! But seriously … Ancient mankind utilized Mathematics and Science centuries ago based upon the POWER of 2 .. of the Binary. Before there were computers … or even the decimal system there was the BINARY system.

I remember working at the University of Illinois during and after college as a Computer Operator. Those were the days of punch cards (shhhh…), BIG HUGE IBM and DEC machines making all that durn noise in a Cold arse room. I had to wear my coat while I worked.

I was a Quantitative Methods major in my undergraduate years and I loved statistics. I devoured, slept, and ate Factorial Analysis and Multivariate Analysis. Ahhhh.. those were the days.

But one of my favorite courses was Assembly language programming. There you had to code using ‘opcodes’. Never mind that… But knowing that everything in the world was basically ‘on’ or ‘off’ … ‘yes’ or ‘no’ … ‘0’ or ‘1’. That my friends is the BINARY. Binary simply means TWO!

For example, the decimal numbers you use today, 1, 2, 3, 4… 1005, etc are base 10. But it is all lying on top of the BINARY system.
Decimal 1 = Binary 1
Decimal 2 = Binary 10
Decimal 3 = Binary 11
Decimal 4 = Binary 100
And on and on and on….

So if someone asks you for a 100, laugh and give them $4 and watch them look at you as if you done lost your rabid mind. Okay… enough of the humour.

See? It is all just a bunch of freakin zeros and ones… light switch on … light switch off.

Blockchain Technology and Cryptography

If you string a bunch of zeros and ones together, it communicates something … it is a message. Look at your Bitcoin or Ether wallet address. There’s a meaning behind it all. Remember those 12 word pass phrases you get when you set up your cryptocurrency wallet? The unique combination of words is  actually your “seed” or what we call your “private key”. Without it, you lose all of your coins forever more!

That private key conveys a message that goes like that “Oh I see … This is Faith’s wallet and no one in the world knows it unless Faith had a lapse in memory and gave it to Tommy. Nonetheless, let her in. She holds the key to her Holy Grail of Cryptos”

And Did you know that your wallet isn’t that silly mobile app or client wallet on your computer? Your wallet is actually your “private key”! WOW!

Your wallet address is an encoded hash of your public key. So you can give that to any one.

But your wallet is a collection of your private key(s) associated with your wallet address.

A good example of this is the Bitcoin Mycelium wallet.

When Bitcoin Blockchain split 01August2017, I had to transfer ALL of my bitcoins sitting in EACH of  my Mycelium wallet Addresses (Accounts). After I did that, I opened up the Electroncash wallet, entered the first private key to Electroncash wallet and set the network to the BitcoinCash network. BAM! There was my Bitcoin Cash for my FIRST Mycelium wallet Address. Then I did that for my other Mycelium wallet Addresses (Accounts). If I didn’t have any of those private keys, I’d be up the creek without a paddle!

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Okay now you understand a tad about what your encrypted private keys are used for, Let me continue on to the BLOCK CHAIN and CRYPTOGRAPHY!

Did you know that the Blockchain is based upon trees just as MLM matrices are based upon network trees? That is why those who know trees can optimize the heck out of a matrix or binary compensation plan! Well not quite … but you get my point.

It’s still all mathematics. An MLM 2×2 matrix has 4 people on the payline. Not because 2 times 2 is 4. But because 2 to the 2nd power is 4. An MLM 2×3 matrix has 8 people on the payline because 2 to the 3rd power is 8, etc etc.   Or in statistical sampling, I pull 2 people off of the streets and ask them 3 questions. The data matrix would be 2 rows and 3 columns.

Okay… I keep losing my train of thought… back to the Blockchain…

The Blockchain’s whole structure is what we call “Merkle Trees” or Binary Hash Trees. They look like the image below.

Merkle Tree - Binary Tree - Hash Tree
Merkle Tree – Binary Tree – Hash Tree Example: Hashes 0-0 and 0-1 are the hash values of data blocks L1 and L2, respectively, and hash 0 is the hash of the concatenation of hashes 0-0 and 0-1.

I can envision the MLM folks saying “That looks like a freakin MLM Binary!” or “Heyyyy! That is a freakin MLM 2-by Matrix!”

Well yes … and no. OMG! That was Freudian! Yes … No … On… Off… Left… Right … Yes… No…


The Block Chain uses Hash Trees to verify data or transactions coming into the block chain. All of the data or transactions stored in the Block Chain has a particular blocksize. I am sure many of you have heard about the limitations of the Bitcoin Blockchain since it can only store 1MB of data or transactions in each block. BitcoinCash can store 8MB.

Unbeknownest to many, Bitcoin is just the most visible application on the Blockchain. There are over 700 applications built on the Blockchain. Not all of them are related to cryptocurrencies as we know them to be.

A Merkle tree, in the most general sense, is a way of hashing loads of chunks of data together which relies on splitting the chunks into buckets, where each bucket contains only a few chunks, then taking the hash of each bucket and repeating the same process, continuing to do so until the total number of hashes remaining becomes only one: the root hash.

The most common and simple form of Merkle tree is the BINARY Merkle tree, where a bucket always consists of two adjacent chunks or hashes. Here we go with the BINARY again!

Merkle Tree - BlockChain
Merkle Tree – BlockChain

“[Blockchain] is to Bitcoin, what the internet is to email. A big electronic system, on top of which you can build applications. Currency is just one.” — Sally Davies, FT Technology Reporter

When a digital transaction occurs, it is grouped together in a cryptographically protected block with other transactions that have occurred in the last 10 minutes and sent out to the entire network. Miners (those guys, gals, and companies who mine with high levels of computing power) then compete to validate the transactions by solving complex coded problems. The first miner to solve the problems and validate the block receives a reward.  Yes. That is how miners get paid. But if your fee is too low, they’re gonna ignore the heck out of your transaction and it may take 1 hour or even a week to confirm. SO PAY THEM! (In the Bitcoin Blockchain network, for example, a miner would receive Bitcoins).

The validated block of transactions is then timestamped and added to a chain in a linear, chronological order. New blocks of validated transactions are linked to older blocks, making a chain of blocks that show every transaction made in the history of that blockchain. Remember my reference to the Merkle tree? The entire chain is continually updated so that every ledger in the network is the same, giving each miner the ability to prove who owns what at any given time.

Well enough about the Binary, Cryptography, the BlockChain, and Merkle Trees or Hash Trees.

What about Life?

Just thought I’d share that with you as I take a break from my blockchain studies. I LOVE To blow my mind with this stuff.

Cuz you know what ? Everything you learn today, if you really think about it, you already know. It is just a matter of applying it in a practical manner in your life.

My degree Bachelor of Science degree in Quantitative Methods was fun for a minute. I fell in love with technology and embraced my journey; ended up at my half-destination and earned a Masters of Science in Information Systems Management (Melding Software Engineering With Business) from USC. Now I am applying what I learned yesterday to where I want to go tomorrow and beyond!

This Mountain Dew and Cold Pizza are for you, my Techie friends.
This Cold MGD is for You, my MLM’ers!

Enjoy your day!

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