Apple Approves Dash Wallet – InstantSend-Enabled Dash iPhone Wallet

DASH IOS Apple Wallet Approved by Apple

Apple has approved Dash as digital currency, reversing an August 2016 decision to deny Dash entry to the App Store for applications that integrate Dash, including the Dash wallet. Apple reversed its decision following an appeal.

Quantum Explorer, the iOS Developer for Dash Core and the new wallet, has been working on this for many years:

It all started with Evan calling for someone to make the iOS wallet back in April 2015. I had previously thought about making it but at that point it was little more than just a side thought. His announcement came from the Dash foundation and they were looking for an iOS Engineer knowledgeable in crypto. I jumped on board and wrote the initial wallet in about 3 months. However Apple denied the initial wallet. After about 10 back and forths with them me and the rest of core team gave up and decided to wait till Dash (darkcoin at the time) became more popular. Skip forward to about a year later in July 2016. I revamped the wallet and did a push, however once again it was denied.

Dash can now integrate into any relevant application in the iOS App Store, including multi-blockchain wallets and Dash’s wallet, according to a Dash announcement.

This is Huge for Dash!

Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core, said it is important for users to have access to Dash funds on different platforms, particularly mobile devices.

He said:

Dash’s instant payments make Dash ideal for point-of-sale situations, which means mobile phone support for all of our users is a must. The fact that Apple now recognizes the increased demand and importance of Dash speaks to the progress we’ve made in reaching larger and larger audiences.

An official iOS compatible Dash wallet, built by the Dash Core team, is ready for download on the App Store. Taylor said a version called “Dash Wallet” has been ready for many months pending approval. Dash will now make bigger investments in its iOS wallet, the initial version of which will include support for sending InstantSend payments.

This would now indicate that Dash apps are fair game for submission into the App Store.

Now Dash has proprietary, InstantSend-enabled wallets on both platforms

This new iPhone app means that now Dash has a dedicated wallet in both major mobile platforms, Android and iPhone, that enables InstantSend functionality. Most non-Bitcoin tokens are available in a variety of multi-coin apps such as Jaxx and Coinomi, but with base functionality, without any special features. This was true of Dash as well for iPhone until now, where no wallets supported InstantSend on that platform. Now, Dash has the opportunity to show its competitive advantage in speedy transactions on all mobile devices.

Faith “QueenWiki” Sloan