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  • A small note to all GCN owners. The only safe place for your currency is on an offline windows wallet with at least three backups of the wallet.dat file. While we will always try and help in any way we can, you must put your funds there. At any other location you run the risk of loosing your coins. This is the same for all crypto currencies. It is your responsibility to store your coins here safely. Storing GCN on the games is not safe. Move them to a windows wallet. Do not continue to play the games if you cannot cash out. It is best to cash out after every game play or win. If you don’t follow this instruction you may loose your GCN.
  • If you lose coins for any reason, sorry but that is part of the deal. The best we will be able to offer is a few free coins to get you going again. Be safe 🙂


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