HOT Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs

HOT Initial Coin Offerings – ICOs

TokenPay is one of the top of the line ICOs that has launched this year. QueenWiki has read the white paper, understood the business model, understands the technology infrastructure as well as the target market. Go read her review right HERE

TokenPay Signup Offer

Crypterium is “The JP Morgan of Cryptobanks”. Pay with any cryptocurrency in 42 000 000 stores worldwide without a physical card,no limits and fees. You can use your CRPT token as ‘gas’ and get rewarded CRPT from all customers’ transactions every month!

They have raised $32million. The cap is $45million! Register today and receive a 10% bonus on your purchased tokens. Also share it with your friends and colleagues to get 5% of their purchases AND they get 1% just for making a purchase! Yes … FREE CRYPT Tokens!

Both Steneum and HotCrypto are lending platforms similar to Bitconnect – lending, staking, and trading.

Steneum also owns a cryptocurrency exchange, Bisten where one can use the STN cryptocurrency for listing their coins. Go to the website and read about all of their features! Steneum completed Round 1 of their ICO. Don’t miss Round 2. Register TODAY!

HotCrypto is the latest in the string of Lending Platform Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). It launches 7pm EST 14December2017 so don’t wait!

As you know Bitconnect (BCC) has hit an all time high of over $418 recently and has settled at around $354.

Who knows which lending platform will be the horse competing head to head with BCC?

Get on board both Steneum and HotCrypto.



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