How To Buy Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO BAR Token – Electroneum & Ether

Here you will learn how to buy into the Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services ICO to get BAR Tokens with Electroneum, Ether, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies.

Getting Started with TBIS ICO and Watch Out for Twitter Scammers!

Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services is founded by Mr. Michael who also serves as the CEO. With TBIS’ proprietary Company as a Service™ (CaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), every device, from enterprise level on down, can be virtualized; routers, firewalls, and specialized equipment such as cryptocurrency miners, can exist in an entirely cloud-based environment based on the decentralized Ethereum blockchain.


🚫WARNING: A fake Twitter account has been spotted. @Titaniumxcoin is not associated with Titanium/TBIS or BAR Token!🚫

✅Titanium/TBIS Official Twitter is @TBISINC✅

💎Today’s BAR/ETH conversion rate:
1396.42 BAR = 1 ETH (excluding 10% bonus)
See price of Ether:
*10% Bonus period ends January 21st at 08:00pm PST, USA

💎Total BAR supply:  60 million Tokens
💎ICO BAR supply: 1 million Soft Cap(complete), 35 million Hard Cap
Any BAR tokens remaining out of 35mil Hard Cap will be destroyed after ICO closes February 28th

💎Titanium/TBIS ICO duration:  January 1st – February 28th or until 35 million BAR Hard Cap completion.

💎To purchase BAR, CLICK HERE to Register

💎After registering and purchasing your BARs, share your link with others and 5% referral bonuses will be awarded within one week of ICO close.

💎No minimum for ETH payment; 10 BAR minimum for other forms of payment
💎Titanium/TBIS Token(BAR) information:
Bar cost during ICO:
*1 BAR = 1 US Dollar (excluding current 10% bonus)
*ETH/BAR conversion rates are updated once daily (8pm, PST,USA) depending upon the price of Ether.

~Daily conversion rate updates are locked in for the following 24 hours, regardless of ETH market fluctuation.


⬇️Read These Instructions⬇️

How to purchase BAR directly

Transfer ETH from any of the following ERC20 Compliant Wallets

  1. MEW (
  2. Metamask
  3. Mist
  4. imToken
  5. Exodus

Otherwise, BAR TOKENS will automatically be returned to the WALLET/Coinomi address from which ETH transfer originated.

Don’t ask “Can I use my Ether wallet at Blockchain dot info?” or “Can I use ABC Ether wallet?” The answer IS NO. Use any of the 5 wallets above. That is the answer. Make life easy for yourself. I recommend MEW. There are so many videos and instructional articles on how to use myetherwallet (MEW) on the internet. Google and Youtube are your friends!

⬆️Read These Instructions To Ensure Your Ether Transaction Goes Through⬆️

🕹 Set gas limit at 200,000 and add gas price at 60 gwei

🕹 Send ETH to:  0x1818409ff612a6d574ca979904396bb4b8ea6d51

⭕️IMPORTANT: Your BAR TOKENs will automatically be deposited back into the ERC20 Compliant Ether Wallet address that you used to PAY for your BAR TOKENs after the transaction has been confirmed.

For TBIS BAR Contract Details, go to
To check your BAR TOKEN balance, go to

Change “yourEtherWalletAddressGoesHere” to your actuall ERC20 Compliant Ether Wallet Address.

🕹 To see your BAR Tokens in your MyEtherWallet (MEW), view this video where I demonstrate how to claim NagaCoin (NGC). It works the same way for BAR or any other ERC20 Token.

Address: 0xc7579bB99Af590EC71c316E1Ac4436C535039594
Name: BAR
Decimals: 18

💎 Please use this form for ETN transactions:
💎You must send ETN to the ETN address in the form. ALSO include the provided payment ID.
💎Note: ETN transactions will require 24-48 hours to complete. Today’s conversion rate for ETN is .175 and it will be updated at 8 pm PST.

This means 1ENT = 0.175BAR

So, This means 100ETNs = 17.5BARs  OR  5.7143 ETN = 1 BAR.
Example: 1000 ETN = 210 BAR (including the 20% bonus)

*If you use Electroneum, you are privileged to receive the 20% Bonus until end of the ICO * (You DO NOT ALSO get the 10% bonus that ends 21January.)

Electroneum is available to buy on Cryptopia here:

Join Electroneum with Code 3A8B32

When will I get My BARs After I Pay?

1. Pay with Ether and the BARs appear in your ERC20 Compatible Wallet almost Immediately.

2. Pay with Electroneum, then it appears in 2-3 days. Same with Litecoin, etc

Air Drop Program & Bounty Program – GET FREE BARs

✅Official TBIS tell Friends About Titanium Air Drop program:
•One free BAR for every friend added to the telegram chat.

BitStarz Casino

NOTE: Your friends cannot join chat through the telegram chat link. YOU must add them manually to get air drop (free BARs)
• Click ➡️ @tbis_bot ⬅️ when you join telegram chat
⭐️BARs will be distributed post ICO

Bounty program:
⭐️BARs will be distributed post ICO

Referral link for 5% bonus – Click Here to Join Titanium FIRST
⭐️BARs will be distributed post ICO


To receive extra bonuses shipped to your home or office, here is the deal!

Get Your Titanium GEAR BOX/Hardwallet by purchasing a minimum of ONLY 5000 BARs!

Get Your Titanium GEAR BOX WITHOUT the Hardwallet by purchasing a minimum of ONLY 1000 BARs!

First Click to Sign up at Titanium ICO Website

Complete this form AFTER you have made your purchase!

Titanium TBIS ICO GearBox Bonus
Titanium TBIS ICO GearBox Bonus

Sign up for Free with Electroneum TODAY by downloading their mobile app.
Use CODE: 3A8B32

Participate in the Titanium ICO TODAY! CLICK HERE!

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    How do we add others to the tbis telegram group when it is a bot??? Am I missing something???

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    I bought thru my coinomi wallet . no bars have appeared do you have a suggestion ? thx