How To Buy Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

How To Buy Bitcoins and Cryptocurrencies

    1.  Get a bitcoin wallet. Here is my video on a simple bitcion wallet,  for a beginner:  or use CoinPayments online web wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies. And of course there is always Coinbase
    2. Now buy Bitcoins and put it in your wallet. There are many places to buy bitcoins. Here are a few:
      USA , Canada , UK – (if you take this route and open an account with coinbase, I highly recommend that you transfer all of your bitcoins out of your coinbase wallet and put them in your wallet.

BitQuick – 
For Australia,Newzealand – Cointree.Com
For India – ,
For Philippines –
For Singapore –
For Malaysia –
For Nigeria And Africa –
For Dubai, UAE, (Middle East and North Africa) – (can buy with credit card)
More Options:, (almost all countries including Nigeria and Ghana)
Purchase bitcoins using credit card/debit card – ,,
cryptopay Buy and sell bitcoins plus get a debit card.

Purchase bitcoins using credit card / debit card – Indiacoin
Purchase BTCs/ETHs with cash/credit/debit card. 24-48 hrs KYC review and approval  – Coinhouse
Purchase bitcoins with credit/debit card – Coinmama

Another option is to buy Bitcoins from a local Bitcoin ATM machine. But I have to warn you that you will pay a high premium for the purchase. Yet it is a great option if you need Bitcoins immediately. Just have your bitcoin wallet handy and deposit your cash into the Bitcoin ATM machine.

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      The article outlines many options.

  • There are more new ways to buy bitcoins and cryptocurrencies on the horizon since I published this article. Stay tuned!